The "Right" Glasses Frames

       Picking out the right frames is just as important as making sure you lens prescription is correct. I have worn glasses for as long as I can remember and picking out the right frames is one of my biggest challenges. I usually just go with something fun, if I have to wear glasses they might as well be interesting yeah? However, this year I stuck to good ol classy. The Lacoste pair of glasses below are my current pair and I absolutely adore them. Believe it or not it took me about two weeks to decide on my frames. Although it is a cute frame, here goes the down side.....MY FRAMES ARE HEAVY! I wear my glasses 99.5% of the time so having heavy frames is a bit annoying. I am also awake for 17 hours straight so that means wearing my glasses for at least 17 hours per day. When I initially tried my frames at the opticians office it did not feel heavy. I only noticed how heavy it was after wearing them on one of my really long days.

Lacoste pair.......Heavy Frames


      Appreciation! Appreciation!! Appreciation!!! I once read somewhere that one of mans greatest needs is the feeling of appreciation and love. I feel like millennials  are lacking when it comes to appreciating the people in their lives. We have grown very accustomed to merely texting each other; we can't even be bothered with a phone call. If your friend still calls you, hug them the next time you see them because they are winning!!!

Facial "Pet Project"

Guest Post: This is my very first guest post and I am excited and happy that my friend decide to write this post. I am glad she trusted me with her Doyin :)

        So, sometime in June, Afolake asked if I could share my acne story on her blog and I was like sureeeee thang!!!! I asked when she wanted the post to be ready by, she said anytime before the end of the year, and I told myself that it was such a long time and I was definitely going to get it ready wayyyyy before but life had other plans. It’s December and I’m just getting to it. It all started September 2014, I noticed some weird looking things on my face, they were very tiny but covered most of my forehead. I thought I was reacting to something (plus I’ve always had a fresh face) so I didn’t do anything about them and assumed they would clear..... but they didn’t.

Beginning of the struggle!

Shaving Vs. Hair Removal

          What is your poison?  Do you shave or go with a hair removal? I used to shave but I graduated and joined the hair removal crew. The very first reason I started doing removals is because I got tired of damn razor cuts. I just found it annoying that after going through all that torture of shaving, I still have to sit and nurture a cut or two. If you get annoyed by razor cuts like me removal is an option for you. There is a general belief that using removal takes a longer time. I have been using removals for at least 3 years now and I don't think it takes longer, if anything it is faster for me.

Deodorant Game Strong

      This post would probably have been more helpful during the summer because this is when a lot of people need deodorant the most. Don't get me twisted, deodorant is always a good thing all year long but if for some reason you want to be optional summer time is not the time to be optional about it please.You sweat a lot more during the summer than you do in the winter. If you live in a warmer climate there is no being optional about deodorant for you OK!


Back to School

      If you read my blog and you are a student in the U.S I know you probably already started school, I started school about  three weeks ago. This post is basically going to be about little things I have found helpful this semester. I was out of school for two years and this semester is my first time back and it felt like my first year of college the first two weeks of school.

 Day designer planner from Walmart

Panty Liners

      I am back with girly tidbits!!!! Panty liners is the topic of discussion today, if you are the type that dislike washing your panties everyday this post is especially for you. Some of you are probably wondering "people wash their panties everyday?" yes people do wash their panties everyday. Due to cultural background everyone has a different method of taking care of their underwear, from the daily washers to the pile it up for a month before washing type of people. If you fall in these two categories or somewhere in between you can still benefit from panty liners.

Check out my photography skills :)

During Braces

      I was very aware of what to do before braces, but I seriously failed at looking up what to expect during braces. I read a few things about what  to expect but my research was not as extensive as my before my braces research. In order for you not to suffer the way I did with my braces the first few months of having them here are some tips for you.
  • Medication: On the very first day you are going to have your braces put in make sure you use some pain killers before you go and have some handy to take every four hours after installment in case you need it. I travelled the same day I got my braces and I did not use any pain killers. By the time I got off the airplane I literally thought I was going to die! The pain was so horrible, my mouth was very sore and I did not sleep that night. I started using pain killers every four hours and that helped a lot. I still low key dislike my orthodontist for not telling me exactly what to expect right after the placement of my braces. I just wish someone explained the amount of pain I would be in to me, I knew it would be painful but I did not know it will be that bad. When you are getting your laces changed I highly suggest you take pain killers before as well. Once you reach the stage where all the space in your teeth have closed you might not need to take painkillers before hand.

You can pick your poison when it comes to this, I normally use Advil liquid gels.

Parachute Coconut Oil Review.

      I do not do as much review as I would like to and I honestly don't know why. I am trying to do better tho. I get a lot of questions about hair products I will recommend. What better way to let you guys know than to tell you about my favorite products and my least favs. Today we are discussing Parachute Coconut Oil. I heard about this product about 2 years ago. I did not understand what the hype was so I finally decided to get it a year ago. Here is my verdict!

Before Braces

      I am five months into my braces treatment *yay* so I thought to put some information out there for those that might be considering braces. This is going to be a series post which I am really going to try to fit into three parts; Before braces, During Braces and After braces.
      Like any other thing you are investing a good amount of money on you should do your research. Google is your best friend my friend. Research things like treatment options, durations, cost and orthodontist in your area that accepts your insurance (if your insurance covers it). Now that we have the basics out of the way let us dive in.
      So my parents (dad especially) have always talked about me getting  braces but he never took the time to actually take me to an orthodontist. I mentioned in this post that I cared a little bit about the spacing in my teeth but after few months of re-evaluating I realized I did not care that much about the space. What prompted me to get braces instead was the protrusion of my two front teeth that changed the structure of my face and ruined my selfies (vain much). No kidding guys when I take a selfie all you see is my teeth lol. I really hated that and wanted to just see my face a lot more when I smile. I started really looking into braces around November of 2015. I found out that my insurance covers $2000 out of my braces expense and that just did it for me. I got really serious about getting braces and began the process.

 Teeth protrusion is live in this pic!

Guide on how to buy a car

      I am no car expert but here is a few things I learnt in 2014 when I was trying to get a car. Before this I had no clue about what to do if I wanted to buy a car. My ride or die baby (my first car) was a hand me down from my big sister. By the end of this process I knew the significant things of what to know about buying a car.

My sexy ass car

Tampons will not disvirgin you

      Discovering tampons is one of the best things that has happened to me! I started using tampons about three years ago and life has never been the same. Here are 3 reasons why I think you should switch to tampons.

U kotex is my favorite brand of tampons!

Tips for detangling/washing your hair after a protective style

      When taking out your  protective style be gentle with your hair. Use a shampoo or conditioner to finger detangle. I use shampoo because it is more reasonable to me ( you can use the shampoo in your hair to do your first wash). Start with your edges so you can focus all your energy on that area since the hair in this area is more delicate. If you start with the back you might get too tired before you get to the front and might not be as patient with your edges. Detangle per braided hair! This is time consuming and excruciating especially if your braids are small  but trust me it is totally worth it. You would have less breakage with this method. You can do the middle of your hair in bigger sections since the hair there is not as delicate.


Prepping for A Road Trip

       I think it is ideal to write a post about how I prepped for our east coast trip since I wrote about the trip. This is the first  long distance road trip I planned by myself (well with some help form the Mr) and I am very proud of the job I we did. The very first thing I we did is get the distance of our destination and decided if there would be any driving breaks (we decided against any major breaks). I we hen calculated gas prices & toll. Once I we had that down the major planning began. I am very big on planning and since I knew about this trip at least 2 months in advance this gave me plenty of time to plan.

The Body Shop

      The first time I tried body shops product was July 2015. I was on vacation in Canada and I somehow ran out of lotion so I tried my friends mango body butter from the body shop. I was hooked from that day! It moisturized my body very well without me putting a lot on. I haven't used anything but their product on my body since then.

The mango line

Edge Control review

      This is by far one of the best edge control I have ever used! A little goes a long way and it last a while on my hair. I used to use the creme of nature edge control and the olive oil edge control. This two edge controls were good but not as amazing as this one. If you are looking to seriously lay your edges this is the edge control for you.

Condoms do expire

  DISCLOSURE: I am not an expert on sex; just a woman sharing bits & pieces of what she and some of her friends have learned in life. Feel free to email me if you have specific questions or want me to share your story on the blog. Don't be shy someone else might have gone through/is going through the same exact things you are going through. If you don't ask you will never know :)
      I learnt that condoms expire just a few years ago. It does have an actual expiration date, after that day you have a condom that is less likely to work effectively. It would slowly start to degenerate. When you wear it you might not feel the weakness of the latex (if you are allergic to latex then latex free). Condoms that you have had for a very long time are more prone to breakage because of this degeneration. Nobody wants to deal with the panic that comes after a broken condom. So do yourself a favor by not over stocking on your condoms, the store will not run out when you need them (well during a blizzard they might so maybe get there early enough lol).

Road trip to New York, Jersey & Philly

      Memorial Day weekend unofficially marks the beginning of summer. Summer time = Road Trip Time if you ask me. The Mr. and I took maximum advantage of this past memorial day weekend and drove to NY, NJ  & Philly. We used the back roads so it took us 15 hours 30 mins to drive to NY and about the same time coming back. We choose to use the back roads because it is more interesting than taking the turnpike. We got to save money on toll and had some pretty amazing views on our drive ( Back roads added 2 hours to our trip but we were in no hurry ). We had two days to see all 3 cities and we made it happen. We were originally supposed to go to NY & Jersey but Philly happened by accident and it added a good experience to our trip.

Trip Highlights.

Visited Brooklyn & Manhattan bridge.

Make up brush set & it's care

      I have the worst luck with brush set. All the ones I have used always shed and it is very annoying. I am not a makeup guru so that will be my only complain about brushes. My friend gave me this bb cosmetic brush and I have been enjoying using it. So far it is not shedding and I love the packaging of the brush.

Just about all the brush I need.

Must Have Combs

      I did not know my combs until I went natural. Being natural got me deeply schooled on the comb world. My first year of as a natural girl pretty much went with breeze but as my hair grew longer I could not just shower and detangle with my afro pick. Yes guys I used to do a complete  "detangle" with my afro pick, do not judge me lol. This same afro pick was also my tail comb, I used it for everything. Another reason why I mainly stuck to my afro pick as my go to was because I could never find any of the other combs when I needed them.

I got this comb the very first day I did my big chop 5 years ago.

A little help?

 DISCLOSURE: I am not an expert on sex; just a woman sharing bits & pieces of what she and some of her friends have learned in life. Feel free to email me if you have specific questions or want me to share your story on the blog. Don't be shy someone else might have gone through/is going through the same exact things you are going through. If you don't ask you will never know :) 

      Some of my girls and I were having our basic girl talks one day and the issue of not producing enough body fluids during sex came up. One Jane Doe said she thought it was her fault when she is having sex and all of a sudden Ms. V dries up. She even thought this means she is not attracted to the guy so her body is just not responding to him. You know how some people say when you are turned on you get  very wet.....well that is not necessarily true. You can be turned on and not be wet. Some peoples body just produce more fluids than others. If you are not producing enough fluid during sexual intercourse get some lubricant!

A little help never hurt nobody!

Don't be a cheap ass

      I am sure the people that know me personally are laughing at this post title. You see I used to be somewhat of a cheap ass. I wasn't really a cheap ass I just refuse to spend a lot of money on certain things. I soon learnt that buying things I did not really like just to save a few bucks was not worth it. I changed my life and started buying the things that make me extremely happy.
     My first not being a cheap ass episode was when I decided to buy a MacBook. See I always knew I hated laptop PC's . I shared a laptop with my sister and we used to have a Toshiba which was horrible! I hated all the pop ups I get about anti virus. My sister bought a MacBook and I fell in love. Fast forward to two years later when I decided not to be a free loader anymore, I decided to buy my own laptop and I went with a MacBook because I don't want no damn pop ups. I thought about how much I was spending on that MacBook for a few weeks but told myself it will be worth it. Five years later and I still think it is worth it! I am enjoying not having a anti virus reminder or pop ups everywhere.

Photo credit: Random pic off the internet.

10 "little" Tips For A Better Face

      For the ones that do not like to read "long" posts like myself, this is a short list I compiled that can help you have a clearer face. If you are interested in detailed facial care routine that has helped my skin you can check out my daily routine & my weekly routine posts.

What will KILL you!

      Yes you ain't even dead yet and I already determined your cause of death. I am just kidding guys! I do not mean actual death ( I probably should stop all my lame jokes lol) I am talking about what will kill your hair journey. Most natural girls have this problem, especially new naturals. This problem is called HAIR COMPARISON.

Prevention is better than sacrifice

 DISCLOSURE: I am not an expert on sex; just a woman sharing bits & pieces of what she and some of her friends have learned in life. Feel free to email me if you have specific questions or want me to share your story on the blog. Don't be shy someone else might have gone through/is going through the same exact things you are going through. If you don't ask you will never know :)

      LMAO the title of this post cracks me up just because it sounds like something my mother will say......Anyways if you have decided to have sex before marriage it is only right that you know methods in which you can prevent yourself from unwanted pregnancy and STDs. Some people reading this are probably like duh who does not know that.....Uhmm you will be surprised at the things people do not know! Well I am here to educate you.

Sunny Days!

      *phew* It is finally getting warm enough in my state.....not really, some days are still cold :( I feel like I am living in Iceland honestly. Anyways I am beyond grateful for the few sunny days and the Mr and I have been utilizing it well. I am no longer a couch bum HALLELUJAH!!! I actually make conscious effort to get out of the house on weekends when I am not working. On this particular weekend we explored a candy shop that I have been eyeing for a while now. What really attracted me to this shop was that I read on their sign that they make their own chocolate. Yum!

 Outside the shop, So cute yeah? 

Medicine cabinet must haves

The very basic things I try to always  have  in my medicine cabinet!

Edges & its woes

      Oh EDGES! the struggles females have with edges is real. I myself have suffered from loss of edges but thank baby Jesus it is growing back. I would tell you the "secret" I have been using. I have  been using Jamaican castor oil and It has been working wonders. I put some of this oil in a applicator bottle. I use this applicator bottle to avoid waste and it allows for easy application around my edges.

 Before my edges betrayed me. 

Fine Line between yes and no

 DISCLOSURE: I am not an expert on sex; just a woman sharing bits & pieces of what she and some of her friends have learned in life. Feel free to email me if you have specific questions or want me to share your story on the blog. Don't be shy someone else might have gone through/is going through the same exact things you are going through. If you don't ask you will never know :)

       Alright lets get to it shall we? This one is the one a lot of guys are touchy about. When do you know when you are getting the green light or red light? This is so complicated for some people and it shouldn't be. Yes is YES and No is NO! When you are not sure what signal you are getting dude just go with NO. You don't want a situation where someone feels like you took advantage of them.
      Fortunately or unfortunately we live in a world where when a girl says she wasn't a willing participant in a sexcapade you can get arrested and charged if she reports to the police. No sensible person wants to be in this position. Here are a few tips of how to avoid this mess.

Nail care

      I am not even sure if I should be writing this post because I am the worst person when it comes to taking care of my nails. I pick my nails a LOT! I bite it until there is nothing left of it. In my defense I only bite my nails when  I am nervous, studying or doing some deep thinking. I am always doing some type of "deep thinking" so this means I bite my nails almost everyday. This is a bad habit I am trying to quit. I have been successful at quitting a few times but I somehow always go back to biting my nails and picking my cuticles. The worst part is I don't stop until I see a lot of blood ( I sound crazy I know).

Wash day routine

       This is a long overdue post but I am glad I am finally getting to it. I do not have very specific routine for my hair, I just try to give it what it needs. In this post I am going to cover my routine for when I just take out a protective style that I have had for at least 4 weeks. After taking out my protective style, I finger detangle my hair as much as I can. I really try to focus on those knotted edges. I focus on my edges while finger detangling because I do not want them to break a lot when I am detangling with a comb.

Freshly out of protective style

Debbie Downer

      A few months ago I moved from a "city" to a suburb. "City" because it wasn't center city but everything was close enough, public transport was beyond decent and the main city was very accessible. When I moved to the suburbs I wasn't too thrilled. I complained about how far things were from each other, not having a African market nearby and not having a lot to do around my new home. I was a DEBBIE DOWNER! I am usually not a negative person but my childhood traumatized my idea of the suburbs. So you see I lived in the suburbs of the suburbs growing up, talking to trees and stones was one of my forms of entertainment. We did not have electricity in my neighborhood for years. There was absolutely nothing to do! I hope you are having a clear understanding of why moving to the suburbs made me a Debbie. As a child that went through that I have always wanted to be a city girl or at least live close enough to the city.

Faux "Dead"Locks

      Ha the famous  faux dreadlocks, I have seen this hairstyle on so many people and I wanted to try it myself. I decided to do the yarn dreadlocks October 2015 because it was cheaper and I already had yarn at home. I braided 3 strands of my arm length yarn in my freshly blow dried hair and I wrapped another 3 strands on each braids. While I was doing this hair everything was going smoothly. It took me about 2 days to finish my whole head, of course I took lots of breaks! I cant remember exactly how many hours the whole process took.

The Process!

I part as neatly as I can and I section into little boxes.

Feeling pressured?

 DISCLOSURE: I am not an expert on sex; just a woman sharing bits & pieces of what she and some of her friends have learned in life. Feel free to email me if you have specific questions or want me to share your story on the blog. Don't be shy someone else might have gone through/is going through the same exact things you are going through. If you don't ask you will never know :)

   We all know the feeling of being in love or at least at one point in your life you have really liked someone of the opposite sex or same sex (no judgment here :) ). Things are going well with this supposed partner and you are feeling a little pressure to take things to the next step of sex. You are not sure if you are ready for this next step but you do not want to loose this person. Well let me just tell you right now that having sex with that person will not keep them around! Don't succumb to the pressure of doing the things you are not ready to do just to please someone else. You will regret it!!!! Do things on your own time and at your own pace. If that person cares about you he or she will wait for you.

       It is your body and you should have absolute control of when, how and who you want to share it with. Even if you are not a virgin who you share your body with still matters! For most people sex is not only physical (shout out to the very few that can have just physical  sex) it is very emotional. When you have sex with someone you are not only sharing your body, you are sharing you vulnerability as well. To be naked in front of someone else is a big deal! If you are choosing not to wait till marriage, you want to share your body with someone you know that even if it doesn't work out between you guys you won't regret it. If you are waiting till marriage I am guessing you are going to marry someone that you can be vulnerable with. With all this being said, pick your sexual partner wisely my friends.

My travel tote

      Composing this post makes me sad because I am ready for a vacation but guess who can't afford one right now? ME! * gathers all my emotions together *. My only consolation is that this broke life will be over one day. Life can't continue like this! Alright lets get to it....When I do travel, this is usually what I have in my tote. 


Wing It

       No you are not flying anywhere so you don't need actual wings. Funny joke? No! ok let me stop lol. Today we are talking about YouTube videos. We all watch YouTube tutorials when we are trying to find a new style for our hair.  The problem I have come to find with YouTube videos is that your hair never turns out exactly how you saw that chick on YouTube do hers. I have never let this bother me so you shouldn't let it stress you either.
      One of the beauty of natural hair is its versatility so I really do not understand why people want their hair to look exactly like what they see on social network and on YouTube. I have come up with a list of why I think YouTube videos do not give people the results they want.

crusty ass lips

      If they want to crown the Queen of dry lips I think I should be nominated lol. My lips are always dry! During the winter months if I forget to moisturize my lips before going to bed my GAHD! If this ever happens for couple of days in a row you don't want to wake up next to me lmao. I know my sister is sitting somewhere reading this post and laughing her butt off! She was the one that drew my attention to how chapped my lips always looked. After a few times of her mentioning it I started noticing it too. Obviously when I am going out I always moisturize my lips. The  problem is  mainly when I have been home for several hours or if I have been out of the house for a while. I am not too much of a girly girly so I sometimes forget to carry lip balm in my  purse therefore I cant freshen up. My sister bought me lip scrubs and they saved my lips! Thank you sissy!!!

The lip scrubs I am currently obsessing over (Pale pink is one of my chap sticks).

Maximizing your bantu knots

      If you are a "busy" (more like lazy) natural like me I am sure you are forever looking for a way to maximize your hair styles. Ain't nobody got time for styling hair every day! This is how I stretch out the life line of my bantu knots.

      I wear my bantu knots in its "natural" state for at least 4 days , sometimes a whole week. I just refresh it every other day/as needed with a mix of water, essential oil of choice & very little conditioner mixed in a spray bottle. Throw on pretty earrings and slight make up and you are good to go.

Feminine Wipes

      I was always afraid to use feminine wipes because I did not want to kill all the good bacteria in my girly area. As you may or may not know too much cleanliness of the vagina can throw off your ph level and that can cause all sort of problems e.g yeast infection. This does not mean you should not use feminine wipes.

You get what I did with this picture yeah? it qualifies as a picture pun don't you agree?

Braids / Twist care

      I had this post on my old Instagram page but since I deleted that page I thought I should recreate it where it most likely will stay forever.

Content in travel kit bags

     As promised in my easy way to pack post this are the items in my travel kit. Your travel kit might be slightly different from mine based on your needs.

 Bathroom Bag

  1. Sponge
  2. Body wash
  3. Body scrub
  4. Body lotion
  5. Shower cap
  6. Toothbrush & toothpaste
  7. Deodorant
  8. Cotton swabs & cotton balls
  9. Tampons, pads & panty liner
  10. Bra strap holder

Facial care routine on a weekly basis.

      Alright this post is not as deep as my daily routine post. My weekly routine mostly depends on how much time I have on the weekend and what my face has been through during the week. I have 2 masks I use for my face; the simple deep cleansing face mask or my Aztec clay mask which I mix myself.

1) Barely any make up week ( 90% of the time).

  • I wash my face with a foaming cleanser.
  • I apply the simple deep cleansing mask & I let it  sit for 15-30 minutes. If I am feeling fancy I put cold cucumbers on my eyelids.
  • I wash it off with cool water & pat dry with a face towel.
  • I apply micellar water with a cotton  ball and let it air dry for a few minutes & I follow up with either my day or night lotion.

The war is over!

      I seriously feel like I went to a war front and I won triumphantly. Booby Pins Vs  Me war is over!!! If I told you that I have not replaced my bobby pins in over a year would you believe me? Well believe it sistah! I have had the same booby pins for a while now and I am extremely proud of that. The struggle was real before. Like almost every natural girl bobby pins was something I replaced almost every month. Ridiculous yeah? I spent at least $2.00 (Walmart price) on a 18 count booby pin so imagine spending $2.00 every month. It is not a lot but I'll rather spend that two dollars on something else e.g getting a gelato instead of settling for a regular ice cream. Like all natural hair problems I have faced, organization is once again the solution to my problem.

The Elephant in the room

 DISCLOSURE: I am not an expert on sex; just a woman sharing bits & pieces of what she and some of her friends have learned in life. Feel free to email me if you have specific questions or want me to share your story on the blog. Don't be shy someone else might have gone through/is going through the same exact things you are going through. If you don't ask you will never know :)

      I am daring to speak about the unspoken subject of sex.  I have had this on my mind for several months, but like we all know sex is a sensitive subject for most people. This topic won't just get off my mind so I decided it lingering has to be for a purpose. Maybe I am meant to help one or two people with this new segment of the blog.

Importance of facial wipes

      Up until about three years ago I had absolutely no respect for facial wipes. I used them every now and then when my sister leaves some in the bathroom but I never went out of my way to use or buy them. A light bulb came on in my head one day and I realized how much easier my cleansing routine goes when I incorporate a wipe. I started out with generic brands and anything I find on the shelves of Walmart or Target. After I made my big switch to the simple facial care line I started using their wipes as well. 

My holy grail wipes

Tips for going to the salon

Easy way to pack

     We have all been there before, you know rushing to pack for a trip et all. If you have the potential to be a last minute packer like I am this post is for you! I do not always pack last minute but when I do it is really bad. I forget half of the important things I will need on a trip. I came up with a method that has been working amazingly well for me.

Why I never smiled

      I have always had spaced out teeth. It got worse when I started sucking my tongue; I started sucking because all 3 of my siblings were so I did follow follow ( I still suck my tongue sometimes #noshameinmygame lol). The more I sucked the further my teeth got pushed out. When I was about eight years old, I started sticking little beads in my gapped front tooth because I heard gapped tooth was the "cool" thing on the block & that increased the space in my two front tooth. To make matters worse I was born with a two toned (brown&white) colored teeth due to my mom using a lot of antibiotics when she was pregnant with me. When all my teeth fell out it still grew out two toned. I also used a lot of antibiotics as a child so that definitely contributed to my colored teeth.

What is a smile please? lmao!

Being natural in Nigeria.

        As some of you may already know I do not live in Nigeria but I visit every now and then so I think I am qualified to write about being natural in Nigeria. I have visited Nigeria with my natural hair twice and I cant begin to describe how people made me feel about my hair. The first time I went to Nigeria with natural hair was in 2011 and my hair was still a TWA and it was in the confused stage (not long enough to really style and wearing my afro was getting tricky). I wore my afro from the U.S to Nigeria and it pretty much stayed in a fro 95% of the time I was there.

My life policy

      Every thing I do in life revolves around this simple rule that I picked up a  long time ago. My rule of thumb is do unto others as you want done unto you. I simply do not do things to people I wouldn't like done to me. When I was younger I probably broke this rule a gazillion times. If you knew me growing up as a child you know I was one smart mouthed ass child. Till this day some people still think I am very smart mouthed and forever ready for a comeback. This idea of me is partly true but it is definitely in a different way.

                                             Smart mouthed or not they showed up for my cake day :)