I Got Initiated.

      Since I did my big chop aka BC (get familiar to hair terms people I would start using them more often) in 2011 I swore off blow dryers because I did not see the use for it. I let my hair air dry all the time. I mostly stayed off blow dryer because I didn't want to ruin my curls and also because I just did not see how I can blow dry all that hair. I had one of those blow dryers that had a round tip and din't come with a diffuser (maybe I just couldn't find it). I tried to use it with a brush once and it was so much work my gahd! My hands were hurting, my scalp was hurting, above all my time was being wasted!!! I did not even get far in the blow drying process, I did a tiny section and I gave up. Since that faithful time wasted day in 2012 I did not touch a blow dryer again until October 2015.

Old Blow Dryer.

        In my opinion this blow dryer is not made for nappy hair!
        I found my new blow dryer via instagram. I was stalking one of my followers and I saw it on her page and the curious cat in me did a little more research on the blow dryer. I went ahead and bought one on amazon for just $25.99 (I got free shipping :) ). I couldn't be happier with this purchase. It blow dried my hair with almost 0% hassle. I think it worked so well because of its wonderful features such has its shape and the double tooth comb that came with it. It also has a keying feature for the combs that way it is not falling off all the time.

The Best Blow Dryer In The Universe!!!!

The blow dryer with all 3 styling attachment.

Top view of the double mouthed styling attachment.

Side view of the double mouthed styling attachment.

      I blow dried with cool and on low. It dried my hair and streched it at the same time. Very easy to handle and work through your hair. I put my hair into 4 sections and divided each section into 4 again. I applied some oil to each sub sections and blow dried from tips to roots. Using a blow dryer doesn't destroy your curls like I thought, the trick is in using it appropriately. Always blow dry with the settings on cool and low. Don't make it an habit to blow dry your hair. Let it air dry as much as possible! I have only blow dried once and I am going to be blow drying when I am about to do my braids or conrows for my weave. 

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