Alright before we start let me just tell you guys that I am not an expert on skin care. This is a very new area for me but I am going to share the things I discover and what works for my skin. I only started taking proper care of my skin about a year ago. This past year I discovered some product for my skin and I have shared it with some of my friends and it has been helping them so why not share it with you guys?!I used to break out on the same spots on my face which were my cheek bones and forehead.

                                                  My cheeks before I started taking care of it.

      Constant break out made my skin look burnt in this areas. It was not extremely bad but I am very particular about things on my face so I felt like I had the worst skin ever! (drama queen I know). I used to use the same soap I use for my body on my face (and I wondered why I was breaking out *side eye*). I soon discovered using the same soap for body and skin ain't fly. I started experimenting with facial products and let me tell you guys it wasn't pleasant! I wasted a lot of money before I found a product that actually works. My future post would be about my routine and the products I use.

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