Newbie Days.

      Doing a big chop is one thing, but learning how to handle your hair in its natural state is another. I am proud to say I did not go through a lot of struggle with my hair (hallelujah!) but I did a lot of learning. When I did my big chop I only knew one girl that was natural and her hair was way longer than mine so I couldn't even try to copy her styles or anything. I remember my mom buying curl activators for my hair when I was younger so I decided to start from there. I went into the beauty store and they did not have any of the activators I was familiar with.I roamed around the store for a while and I finally found something similar to an activator.

 I do not have a picture of my original eco styler gel. I used the green one with a hold of 10. This is the one I currently use. I buy which ever one I see first.

      The holy grail Eco-styler gel. This gel saved my life & it still is! For the first few days of my new look I did a wash and go and applied my eco-styler. I wasn't too comfortable with my new hair so I did my make up everyday for about a week. I got tired of the daily make up (ain't nobody got time for that) lol. By the second week I was roaming the streets with my extremely tiny winny afro (TWA) and I was more comfortable with my looks.

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