Oh Travel!

       uhmmmmmmmm you already thought of airplanes didn't ya? From my experience when most people hear me say the word travel they automatically think airplanes is included. According to dictionary.com travel means to go from one place to another, as by car, train, plane or ship; take a trip; journey. If this is the meaning of travel, why then do people think travel refers to journey taken by plane?. I have personally come to the conclusion that people think travel only involves plane due to social media. I mean we all follow a few celebrities that are forever on #jetlife and doing "fun" stuff in the countries they visit.
      Let me break it to you people, you don't have to be on a airplane to travel. If you are still trying to figure out your life like me you know very well that you can't afford to be on a plane every other month. You can most definitely travel within where you live. Your traveling can even be done in the same state you live in. You would be surprised about the beautiful things in the state you live in that you haven't discovered. Just the other day I discovered a beautiful water fall about an hour thirty minutes away from where I live. I arranged a trip with 2 of my friends and we sure had a good time getting in that very chilled water in that peaceful environment.

                                                    Even on a carriage you are travelling :)

       Do not get me wrong; there is absolutely nothing wrong with going to other countries. Going to other countries is enlightening, you get to experience another culture and live in it for a few days. This can definitely be achieved if you can afford it and with proper planning. This post is just to let people understand that you can travel within your country and still call it "travelling". I am really tired of people saying "oh so that is just where he or she went, I thought it was outside the U.S". On that note, cut your coat according to your size! Don't be going to spring break in Dominican Republic when you know your rent needs to be paid or you need to save up for a better car.

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