OMG The Reactions.

TWA Days!
      I did my big chop (BC) and was learning to love it but did others? Like dealing with my new looks was not challenging enough the hassles my sisters and some friends gave me was very discouraging. Having natural hair was new to me so obviously my hair wasn't always top notch (still isn't) and they made sure to always point it out every chance they got. And let me tell you, this hair of mine wasn't as bad looking as they made their faces when they talked about it. Of course I din't like being made fun of (no one does) and sometimes they got to me and made me question my choices. 

      As a tough cookie I pulled through! I din't pay attention to them and at some point I completely stopped asking my immediate sister to do my hair because she dint know how to part carefully when she braided my hair and she got frustrated by it. Which I understand because dealing with natural hair is not easy unless you really know about it. When my mom visited that summer, she was shocked! She asked me when I was doing my hair literally every time she looked on top of my head lol. I just kept saying "it is done mom." Outside my home I did not get too many stares; People were more fascinated by my hair and mostly wanted to touch it (they almost turned me into a pet my gahd!). Sets of new reactions came in  when I went to Nigeria summer of 2012 and that my friends is story for another day!


      At first I really did not like how people made fun of my hair but I came to realize that it is very normal for people to laugh at what they don't understand.  Don't let the negative comments about you being natural get to you. If it is really what you want go for it. Don't worry the ones that are laughing now would soon come back and ask you how you got that healthy hair of yours.

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