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      After wasting a few amount of dollars I stumbled upon this product through youtube. The simple (yeah simple is the brand name)  face care line has really helped my skin and pocket (it is affordable). I have used it for about 40 weeks now and I have definitely seen a difference in my face. It has not stopped me from breaking out but it has kept my face soft, hydrated and it takes care of the aftermath of a breakout. I don't think there is a product that can actually prevent you from breaking out because your break out depends on your hormones, what you eat and stress. In case any of you find a product that prevents break out let me know sha. I pretty much told everyone I know about this product after about 3 weeks of using it.

                                                    Almost all the products I currently have.

      I started out with the lotion and I eventually bought almost everything they produced and I have zero regrets. The first time I used their toner I was jumping up and down from excitement. A toner that did not tingle on my face and did not dry my skin out! It was unbelievable. I eventually stopped buying the toner because I got their micellar water which works as a toner and cleanser. Micellar water is the bizness!!! it cleans out your pores, even if you just washed your face it will still still find something to take out.  Their facial wipes is magical! It takes away a good amount of my make up so yay to that. During the hot summer days I use it to wipe my face and I do not feel the need to put on lotion after. It instantly hydrates my skin. The foaming cleanser and facial scrub is just pure love! All you need is one good pump of the foaming cleanser (but because I am extra I use 2 pumps sometimes). Oh let us not forget the night cream, this my people is the love of my life. I literally feel my face come alive after applying it at night. My face stays alive till morning. I got their revitalizing eye roll on but I have not used it a lot for me to write about it so i'll save that for later.

                                                            My wonderful night cream.
      Over few months of shopping I would say the best place to buy this products is asos.com. They usually have all what you need and it is always a few dollars cheaper than when you buy at walmart or target. If you can catch when asos has sales you can get them for as cheap as $5 each or less. Never ever buy this product at CVS even if they are having a BOGO sale. CVS  sells them for almost double the price. If you decide to try it let me know how well you like it.


  1. And I thought me using about 7 pumps sometimes was normal. There's just something about foaming soaps that makes me want to see more of it.

    1. Ha 7 pumps? that is way too much & I totally get what you mean about foaming soap tho.


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