The Beginning!

      I grew up cutting my hair. I did not start growing my hair out until I was about 10 years old. From what I remember I started getting a perm as soon as my hair was long enough for one. My hair did OK with perm until I moved to the United States. My first winter in the state my hair struggled! My sister and I helped each other with our hair because salons were so expensive. She gave me a perm and I flat ironed my hair, I slowly saw my hair shedding daily  (*tears*) . You would think this would be a wake up call for me right? Nope it wasn't!. I continued to get my perm every 6-8 weeks and I braided my hair in between leaving it out.

 length of hair in 2008

Got a banging hair cut in 2009

        One summer afternoon in 2011 I decided I wasn't dealing with the hair shedding in the winter. I scooped my hair into a ponytail and snip snip snip I cut off my hair. Saying I look a hot mess is an understatement. I immediately drove myself to hair cuttery and they evened out my hair. I did not look as hideous as I thought as I would. I might have been a cute little girl with my hair cut but I wasn't too sure how I would look as a grown up with my hair short. I have falling in love with my hair since April 14th 2011. I have absolutely no regret about going natural.

                                                        The day I did my big chop.

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