What is going on?!

      After a year of  being natural, the horror called the awkward stage happened! For those that do not know what the awkward stage is, it is that stage when you think your hair is too long for a wash and go (your hair is never too long for wash and go) but too short for styling. When my hair got to this stage I was beyond confused. At this point I still did not know there was a thing such as "natural hair community". When I decided to go natural I did not do my research on natural hair and for a year or two later I still did not research it.

      I googled natural hairstyles and fro hawk caught my  attention. I immediately grabbed my eco-styler and twisted the middle of my hair and begged my sister to cornrow the sides because at that time i couldn't make neat presentable lines (thank God I can now). The first time I did my fro-hawk my twist came loose almost immediately. I was so frustrated and couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. I soon realize what the problem was; My twists were too BIG!!! 

The hairstyle that saved my life =========>

      Lesson 1: Big twists and short hair do not get along! As soon as I realized this I re-did my hair and made my twist small and yes it stayed! You know I was cised about that. I wore it like that for a few days and I later took the twist apart. This hair style became my to go to for the hair growth awkward months.

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