LOC method is a silly method in my opinion. For those that do not know, LOC method is the method some people have promoted for doing braid out and twist out.
                                                L :Leave-in   O: Oil    C: Cream

       Again this is in my opinion. I am just looking at the chemical aspect of it and what makes sense to me. I don't understand how you put oil before cream. Oil is a sealant! It should seal all that good stuff you put in your hair. Some people use the LOC method and their hair looks great! I use the LCO method because that is what makes sense to me and what works for my hair. If you did not figure it out LCO basically means.......
                                               L: Leave-in  C: Cream  O: Oil 

                             Denman brush, Coconut Oil, Water & Curl Enhancing Smoothie.

      Step out of your comfort zone! Don't just go by what you read on the internet. If something doesn't feel right try what feels right! I did not even know there were other people like me that thought LOC method did not make sense. I just did what made sense to me at that time and I stuck to it and I saw LCO short video on a IG page long after I started doing it. At that point I concluded I wasn't crazy lol.

                                My all time favorite cream! This is what I use most of the time.

      The type of oil you use in this regimen also matters. I know!!! So damn complicated why can't I just buy and use any type of oil on my hair ah! Again EXPERIMENT! what works for me might not work for you. The oils I currently use for sealing is coconut oil,  jojoba oil, grapeseed oil and castor oil and I typically use my other type of oils as moisturizers.

P.S: I once reviewed deman brush on my IG page and I did not have great things to say about it. My opinion of it has changed over the months so I went back to using it.
What method do you use?

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