My life policy

      Every thing I do in life revolves around this simple rule that I picked up a  long time ago. My rule of thumb is do unto others as you want done unto you. I simply do not do things to people I wouldn't like done to me. When I was younger I probably broke this rule a gazillion times. If you knew me growing up as a child you know I was one smart mouthed ass child. Till this day some people still think I am very smart mouthed and forever ready for a comeback. This idea of me is partly true but it is definitely in a different way.

                                             Smart mouthed or not they showed up for my cake day :)

       Growing up I definitely did things to my siblings & cousins that I would not love anyone to do to me. I can confidently say I was only smart mouthed with my family. In my younger years I was low key a "bully" in school.....well let me explain the bully part real quick! You know when the child being teased stands up for herself  and becomes the OG of making the kids teasing her cry? Yeah, so that was me. So see I did not really "bully" anyone they asked for it lol. I was always the smallest in my classes and the BIG kids where ready to take advantage of everyone smaller than them. I soon realized I was blessed with a mouth! If I can use my mouth at home I can use it at school too. I started standing up for myself a lot! All a big kid had to do is say something very little to me and I would send he/she home with a curse list. Kids became afraid of me and learned not to mess with me because they knew I would curse them to the point where they cried.

                                                      Carrying the class flower because BOSS!
      Junior high & high school in Nigeria came around and I did a lot of growing at this stage. Did I have a less sharper mouth to people I went to school with? No I don't think so. All my mouthy-ness was still due to the fact that I did not want to be taken advantage of. I forever spoke up for myself, my self esteem was impeccable and life was good. I also spoke up for whoever I felt was being oppressed without asking a lot of questions (The older I got the more questions I asked before becoming anyones voltron). At this stage I have learnt to torment my immediate sister less (she might not agree with this part. In my memory I was nicer to her at this stage lol).
     Adulthood came around and oh how I truly lived up to the expectation of my rules. Apart from the regular sibling bants I have not purposely done anything to hurt them or their feelings. I treated my friends and everyone around me the same way. Do I still have a sharp mouth? of course I do. My policy truly began to reflect on not only my words but my actions as well. If I ever did anything that hurt someone's feelings trust me it wasn't purposely it is something I would not make big deal about if it was done to me.
      I love this rule so much because it keeps me on track.  I do believe that it sets all things in my world straight! To be able to go to bed every night and realize you did not do a single "mean" thing today is so blissful. As beautiful as this rule is I got to realize that what I can emotionally handle others can not. So simply because I can take it does not mean somebody else can. One of my friends reminded me of this key aspect late last year. I strongly believe in the law of karma and this rule pretty much makes sure I get a good karma.
P.S: Always be good to people and good things will surely come your way. It might not be immediately but trust me it is coming.


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