The "Litation" Spring Break

      Spring break of 2014 is definitely one to talk about. I was so stressed out with school and life that I didn't even think of spring break. Two weeks before my spring break my girlfriends and I randomly started talking about spring break and we all realized we didn't have plans. We randomly decided to go to Texas and planned a road trip to New Orleans (NOLA). My girls had spring break a week before me so I was really rethinking going with them because that meant I would miss a week of school (Midterm week to be exact) but I did not need that much convincing. I decided to go on spring break a week earlier (not responsible I know!). We immediately started looking for plane tickets and booking hotels. In a matter of days we were ready for what was about to be the best spring break ever!!! I flew to Dallas with one of my friends and my other friend picked us up at the airport. We crashed in her apartment and drove to South Padre Island the next morning.

                                                   Souvenir shop in South Padre.

       South Padre was nice! it would have been awesome if the weather was favorable but it wasn't. We were there for about 3 days but only went to the beach once. We enjoyed the night life and I got drunk for the first time ever! I don't even know how I got drunk since the friends I went with do not drink. After 3 days we drove to Houston .We did not arrive in Houston till late evening; we picked up a friend and headed straight to NOLA. The journey was both scary and adventurous. I don't think I have ever gone on a road trip that late at night and that far. My friend was basically the designated driver. She likes driving and wouldn't let me drive when I offered. The sensible girl in me started thinking OMG what if this girl falls asleep on the wheel and we all crash. Obviously that did not happen since I am still here writing this. The road trip was fun! Everybody in the car tried to stay awake, we talked about almost everything under the moon, played some good music, ate some crappy snacks and above all had good laughs.

                                                    The famous Bourbon Street.
      We arrived at our hotel at 2am or so. Crazy me had an online midterm that was due so I was rushing to do that while the girls took turns in the shower. The next morning we took it upon ourselves to conquer all of NOLA. We were on our tourist s&%#. We had an amazing lunch (wish I remember the name of the restaurant), and visited  a lot of the historic places. We went back to the hotel and got ready for night life.........oh yeah!!! NOLA night life is everything!!!!!!!!!!! Clubs are basically free so we club hopped, had a few drinks, listened to some good ol jazz and I wished for the night not to end (the clubs really made me believe that because they don't close until you are ready to go home).

                                                       WWII National Museum.

      We really didn't want to leave NOLA but we couldn't live in fun forever. We headed back to Houston were we spent a day with a group of old high school friends. We went clubbing that night, stayed up all night talking about old times. Before we knew it, it was morning. We slept for a few hours and headed back to Dallas where I flew back to Maryland. Even though everything was so last minute this trip still remains one of my best trip ever.


  1. Ay, litation really is the word!

  2. Haha! Sleep is for the weak...but that was fun.*litation*


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