The war is over!

      I seriously feel like I went to a war front and I won triumphantly. Booby Pins Vs  Me war is over!!! If I told you that I have not replaced my bobby pins in over a year would you believe me? Well believe it sistah! I have had the same booby pins for a while now and I am extremely proud of that. The struggle was real before. Like almost every natural girl bobby pins was something I replaced almost every month. Ridiculous yeah? I spent at least $2.00 (Walmart price) on a 18 count booby pin so imagine spending $2.00 every month. It is not a lot but I'll rather spend that two dollars on something else e.g getting a gelato instead of settling for a regular ice cream. Like all natural hair problems I have faced, organization is once again the solution to my problem.

The Elephant in the room

 DISCLOSURE: I am not an expert on sex; just a woman sharing bits & pieces of what she and some of her friends have learned in life. Feel free to email me if you have specific questions or want me to share your story on the blog. Don't be shy someone else might have gone through/is going through the same exact things you are going through. If you don't ask you will never know :)

      I am daring to speak about the unspoken subject of sex.  I have had this on my mind for several months, but like we all know sex is a sensitive subject for most people. This topic won't just get off my mind so I decided it lingering has to be for a purpose. Maybe I am meant to help one or two people with this new segment of the blog.

Importance of facial wipes

      Up until about three years ago I had absolutely no respect for facial wipes. I used them every now and then when my sister leaves some in the bathroom but I never went out of my way to use or buy them. A light bulb came on in my head one day and I realized how much easier my cleansing routine goes when I incorporate a wipe. I started out with generic brands and anything I find on the shelves of Walmart or Target. After I made my big switch to the simple facial care line I started using their wipes as well. 

My holy grail wipes

Tips for going to the salon

Easy way to pack

     We have all been there before, you know rushing to pack for a trip et all. If you have the potential to be a last minute packer like I am this post is for you! I do not always pack last minute but when I do it is really bad. I forget half of the important things I will need on a trip. I came up with a method that has been working amazingly well for me.

Why I never smiled

      I have always had spaced out teeth. It got worse when I started sucking my tongue; I started sucking because all 3 of my siblings were so I did follow follow ( I still suck my tongue sometimes #noshameinmygame lol). The more I sucked the further my teeth got pushed out. When I was about eight years old, I started sticking little beads in my gapped front tooth because I heard gapped tooth was the "cool" thing on the block & that increased the space in my two front tooth. To make matters worse I was born with a two toned (brown&white) colored teeth due to my mom using a lot of antibiotics when she was pregnant with me. When all my teeth fell out it still grew out two toned. I also used a lot of antibiotics as a child so that definitely contributed to my colored teeth.

What is a smile please? lmao!

Being natural in Nigeria.

        As some of you may already know I do not live in Nigeria but I visit every now and then so I think I am qualified to write about being natural in Nigeria. I have visited Nigeria with my natural hair twice and I cant begin to describe how people made me feel about my hair. The first time I went to Nigeria with natural hair was in 2011 and my hair was still a TWA and it was in the confused stage (not long enough to really style and wearing my afro was getting tricky). I wore my afro from the U.S to Nigeria and it pretty much stayed in a fro 95% of the time I was there.