Importance of facial wipes

      Up until about three years ago I had absolutely no respect for facial wipes. I used them every now and then when my sister leaves some in the bathroom but I never went out of my way to use or buy them. A light bulb came on in my head one day and I realized how much easier my cleansing routine goes when I incorporate a wipe. I started out with generic brands and anything I find on the shelves of Walmart or Target. After I made my big switch to the simple facial care line I started using their wipes as well. 

My holy grail wipes

        If you are like the old me you probably feel like you need to wash your face a lot of times before you can consider it "really" clean. By doing this excessive scrubbing you may end up damaging your skin. Using  good wipes takes away the need to scrub excessively. I use one or two of this wipes (depends on how much make up I have on) and I honestly want to say it takes off about 95% of my make up. I use it around my eyes even though I have the eye wipes lol. Nothing ever happens when I use it around my eye lids so i'll say it is safe to do so (label advices against it but you can be a rebel like me and not follow instructions).
      This wipes is also very good for hot summer days. You know those days you are outside and you are all sweaty and your face feels like crap? yeah we all have a lot of those days in the summer. Just wipe your face with one of this bad guys and carry on about your day. The great thing is you do not have to moisturize after wiping your face. Even with my dry t-zone I can get away with not moisturizing after. It does not leave your face dry. Another great thing about it is that it fits in your purse very nicely!

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