The war is over!

      I seriously feel like I went to a war front and I won triumphantly. Booby Pins Vs  Me war is over!!! If I told you that I have not replaced my bobby pins in over a year would you believe me? Well believe it sistah! I have had the same booby pins for a while now and I am extremely proud of that. The struggle was real before. Like almost every natural girl bobby pins was something I replaced almost every month. Ridiculous yeah? I spent at least $2.00 (Walmart price) on a 18 count booby pin so imagine spending $2.00 every month. It is not a lot but I'll rather spend that two dollars on something else e.g getting a gelato instead of settling for a regular ice cream. Like all natural hair problems I have faced, organization is once again the solution to my problem.

      I was shopping on one day and they had this cute gold containers on sale so I bought three different sizes with no specific idea of what I would use them for. After I received them I figured it would work perfectly for my hair stuff. I made one of them my bobby pin container and my life has never been the same since that day! I don't have bobby pins all over the house anymore and when I am styling or un-styling my hair I just pull the gold container out and I drop or pick my pins from it. Win your war against bobby pins and get yourself a container if you don't have one already. H&M does not have my exact container anymore but this is a similar container. Price range for mine was around $5.99-$3.99. You can also recycle any small container you already have.


  1. I recycled a sauce jar for my pins but storing them wasn't the problem. scratch that...every time I would remember I had Bobby pins in my hair after I got into bed. So the logic thing I always did was pull them out and place on the side desk, windowsill, nearby sofa etc which basically equals lost for ever. So I came up with the idea of keeping jars around the places I was bound to dump said pins and my Bobby pin problem was solved!
    Love yours tho. It's quite cute(and it's not even pink!) I hardly ever check out the home section of h&m.

    1. Hey, it is a great idea to have them all over the house. I guess my method works for me because I have a night time routine which involves me being in the bathroom and that is where my pin container. My bonnet is usually in the bathroom as well so it all just works so well. I never used to check out h&m home section either until my friend got me hip!


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