Tips for going to the salon

  • The very first thing would be to learn how to do your own hair! It is honestly not as difficult as most people think. It will take a lot of practice and patience but you can do it! Once you learn how to do your own hair it would be very easy for you to tell others how you want you hair done. Trust me you would save yourself a ton of trouble just by doing that. I am not saying become a stylist but at least know the basics and learn what your hair likes and does not like.
  • Be confident in yourself! Do not let your hairdresser tell you to relax your edges or your entire head because of the hair style you want to get. Confidence comes from doing research. If you know your stuff it would be very difficult for someone to bullshit you about your hair. E.g. if you know about good edge control and method to lay your edges as soon as you hear we need to relax your edges you would be quick to say NO to that.
  • Let us face it, it is very difficult to find a stylist that knows about natural hair (at least where I lived in Nigeria I did not find one and I tried several places) so do yourself a huge favor by stretching your hair before you go to your stylist for anything.
  • Always go with your own comb set, hair lotion and whatever else you need them to apply to you hair before getting your hair done. I can't even stress the importance of this enough. I am low key a germophobe hence why I am encouraging you to do this when you get your hair done at salons. You don't know who sat in that stylist chair before you. What if they did not wash their hair well? My gahd!!!!! the stylist will use the same comb on you without cleaning it. No No please. Some people take sanitizers to clean the comb before they use it. Frankly that is too much work and it is ineffective because you can't get all the germs out of a comb from just wiping it down. What happens to the little lines in the comb?......anyways just take your comb & brushes ok? OKAY! 
~ I am trying to engage people on the blog so I will try to ask questions at the end of each you go:  What are some of the things you do to get ready for your salon trip?


  1. OMG! We do write alike 😅 Fam! we should do a collab at some point. I almost always do my hair myself, seeing as the hairdressers in the UK are determined to turn everybody to mumu by overcharging. When I'm in Nigeria, I definitely moisturise and stretch my hair before going to the salon to avoid stories that touch.

    I have fallen victim to those oversabi hairdressers in Nigeria too. I was just over a year natural and they made me "blow-out" my hair or else my braids won't last. Lies! I got bored with the braids anyway but that was 1 year wasted! And my hair got so scanty after the blow out so I had to start over Msheeew! Never again.

    1. I told you! When I read your blog I totally thought it was me writing 😂. I bet we talk alike too lol. We should! I always do my hair myself too unless I am in Nigeria.Yes Nigerian stylist would have you rethinking life if you are natural. They never got me tho I always knew my stuff 💁🏾


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