Braids / Twist care

      I had this post on my old Instagram page but since I deleted that page I thought I should recreate it where it most likely will stay forever.

  • Treat your braids like it is your hair!
  • Wear a silk scarf or bonnet to bed. If you want to feel a little more sexy you can just sleep on a satin pillowcase.
  • Oil your scalp once a week.
    • Oil your braids up to where your hair ends with the same product you use to oil your scalp
    • If your scalp is really dry you can oil it twice a week.
    • Do not oil your scalp everyday, you would end up with residues on your scalp & this will cause it to itch and smell.
  • Oil the body of your braids.
    • You don't have to use whatever expensive hair product you use on your scalp for this part (where your hair stops to the tips) since it is fake hair. You just need this part to be shiny and moisturized. You don't want half of your braids to look popping and the rest looking dead do you?
  • Take care of your edges! Do not wear a bun all the time or do tight updos.
Let those protective style down every now and then. Your edges will thank you.

I  enjoyed this twist & I miss them.

      With this 5 little steps I can make my protective style last 3 months and my hair is in good condition after I take the hair down. I mostly keep my hair for 4-5 weeks but I did this steps as an experiment one time and my hair lasted almost 3 months and people where still asking me if my twists were new. I do not wash my hair while my braids are in and that is why I reduce the  amount of oil I put on my scalp. If you know you are going to be wearing your braids for a long time and you won't be washing it I suggest you do not put a lot of oil in your hair. If your braids would be coming out  4 weeks after you install them you can do more than two times a week but definitively not everyday unless your hair gets super dry.
Last days of my twist. Almost 3 months in! (summer breakout popping on my forehead :( )

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