Content in travel kit bags

     As promised in my easy way to pack post this are the items in my travel kit. Your travel kit might be slightly different from mine based on your needs.

 Bathroom Bag

  1. Sponge
  2. Body wash
  3. Body scrub
  4. Body lotion
  5. Shower cap
  6. Toothbrush & toothpaste
  7. Deodorant
  8. Cotton swabs & cotton balls
  9. Tampons, pads & panty liner
  10. Bra strap holder

Hair, Face & Nail Bag

  1. Mixed oil
  2. Edge control
  3. Empty water spray bottle
  4. Facial wash
  5. Facial scrub
  6. Toner
  7. Face lotion
  8. Nail polish remover
  9. Contact Solution & contacts
  10. Mouthwash

Each item in bag is labeled like this

Makeup Bag

  1. Primer
  2. Concealer
  3. Foundation
  4. Tinted moisturizer
  5. Pressed powder
  6. Powder brush
  7. Eyebrows brush
  8. Eyeliner brush
  9. Eyeliner
  10. Eyebrow gel
  11. Mascara
Mascara is missing in picture & I realized that after I edited the pics.....oops!

I take 2-3 of my favorite lipstick & a gloss


  1. This is so helpful!!! Please where did you get your containers from?(the one you use for toner, face wash and the rest)

    1. Hey, I am glad you found it helpful. Walmart & Target carries them, you can also get it from tjmax or marshalls.

  2. This is so organised. I should get these small bottles. It's way better than carrying the entire containers.

    1. It is very convenient plus it gets through security easily. I do not have to worry about checking in a bag just because I have big bottles of products.


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