crusty ass lips

      If they want to crown the Queen of dry lips I think I should be nominated lol. My lips are always dry! During the winter months if I forget to moisturize my lips before going to bed my GAHD! If this ever happens for couple of days in a row you don't want to wake up next to me lmao. I know my sister is sitting somewhere reading this post and laughing her butt off! She was the one that drew my attention to how chapped my lips always looked. After a few times of her mentioning it I started noticing it too. Obviously when I am going out I always moisturize my lips. The  problem is  mainly when I have been home for several hours or if I have been out of the house for a while. I am not too much of a girly girly so I sometimes forget to carry lip balm in my  purse therefore I cant freshen up. My sister bought me lip scrubs and they saved my lips! Thank you sissy!!!

The lip scrubs I am currently obsessing over (Pale pink is one of my chap sticks).

      During the winter months I scrub my lips at least twice a week; during the summer I can get away with once a week. It is very easy to forget to take care of your lips because you might be oblivious to how chapped your lips are. Sometimes your lips are not severly chapped so taking care of it slips away from you very easily. If they are very chapped you probably will notice it more easily; I notice dry lips only when it is very chapped ( obviously that did not happen over night).

Wild apple lip scrub.
      The wild apple lip scrub is the one my sister got for me. I don't know exactly where she got it from. It came in a pack of two so we shared it. I love this lip scrub! A little goes a long way, I have been using it for months and it still looks quite full. It has this sand like beads in it and that really makes me feel like my lips are getting some serious scrub. I apply a little on my upper and lower lips and I massage it in my lips for  2-3 minutes. I wipe with a napkin and bye bye dead lip skin! It leaves my lips very soft and moisturized. I apply some type of balm after the scrub.

Lip scuff from body shop
      I got this from the body shop and you know your girl did not pay $12.50 for a lip scrub. I got it probably half the price or for free. I did a big buy a while back from body shop and it was one of my bonus or special item..... all I know is I know I did not pay $12.50 for it. However, it is worth that price! I was not a big fan of it at first because it did not have as much beads as my wild apple so I thought it wasn't working. After few times of using it I noticed it works just as well. I follow the same steps that I use for my previous scrub. I usually use my body shop lip balm (can't find this on their website anymore) after the scrub. The combination of the two = BABY LIPS!
      Between this two lip scrubs my chapped lips has significantly improved. Taking off dead skin allows my lips to retain moisture for a longer period of time, so if I do forget lip balm or chap sticks at home it is not the end of the world. I currently have a lot of lip balms and chap sticks and I think almost all my purse have one in it. BYE BYE CRUSTY ASS LOOKING LIPS!


  1. A free and easy DIY lip scrub is to mix a dab of honey with sugar and mix it. gently scrub and rinse your lips. Use at least once a week for sexy and soft lips ;)

    1. I will def try that. It is basically not going to cost me anything since I have the ingredients at home. Yes to sexy and soft lips. Thanks for sharing your tip :)

  2. No I def take the crown for chapped lips and I would peel daily and have all those creepy chapped skin all over my T-shirt.
    I did however try the Carmex lip balm and use it after shower and before bed and have seen a great diff. I did the sugar scrub once with a mix of olive oil but mehhhhn that's too much work mbok! Yeah I'm lazy like that!

    1. I don't know how come I am just seeing this lol. I have heard great things about Carmex. Burt bees is still my go to for lip treatment.


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