Faux "Dead"Locks

      Ha the famous  faux dreadlocks, I have seen this hairstyle on so many people and I wanted to try it myself. I decided to do the yarn dreadlocks October 2015 because it was cheaper and I already had yarn at home. I braided 3 strands of my arm length yarn in my freshly blow dried hair and I wrapped another 3 strands on each braids. While I was doing this hair everything was going smoothly. It took me about 2 days to finish my whole head, of course I took lots of breaks! I cant remember exactly how many hours the whole process took.

The Process!

I part as neatly as I can and I section into little boxes.

I braid each box in 3 strand of twist. Notice how calm my scalp looks?

I tie the ends of each braids.

 I wrap 3 strands of yarn on each braid. Notice how stressed my sclap looks? (yep wrapping is the killer!)

Deadly scalp is served!

      After I was done with my dreads the second day I was still feeling good about the style. By the end of the night on the 2nd day the horror began! My scalp started to tingle and hurt like crazy. I can't even tell you which drove me nuts the most, the tingling sensation or the hurting. I resorted to my solution to every single problem in life  100% TEA TREE OIL. My tea tree oil is concentrated so you know it is the good good stuff! I rubbed some all over my scalp and I attempted to sleep. The tingling and hurting continued to day three. At this point I was already considering taking the hair out. I am a big baby when it comes to my scalp. Any form of stress on it and I am disoriented. I evaluated all my options and decided not to take it out ( I had a big trip coming up & I won't have time to do anything else to my hair). Another reason why I did not take it out was that I wasn't feeling tingling or a whole of hurt around my edges so HALLLUJAH to that. My pain continued for at least 5 more days and my scalp did not fully come back to normal until the 2nd week of me having it in.

Holy grill oil!
    What drove me crazy about this hair style is out of all the thousand and one people I saw with it on social media no one ever complained about it hurting this much. Girls have it up in a bun and in different styles like it is nothing! This had me thinking I was super tender headed so I asked a few people who have had this same style and they all said it hurts a lot. So do yourself a favor, if you are tender headed/ do not like stress on your scalp do not try faux deadlock! I wasn't even able to style this hair the entire time I had it in. No one warned me and I suffered :(

Have you ever had faux dreadlocks? What was you experience with it?


  1. I did it once...twice maybe when I was in school and the pain was a wake up call to never try it again. Fast forward to 2014, I tried it again n made sure it didn't hurt while wrapping. I do love faux locs but I don't do it cos it's way too much stress for a style I keep for just two/three weeks. I used to say if I ever make it again, it would stay for six weeks. Sadly, I don't keep styles that long cos I get bored after a while n want something new...yeah, the dark side of doing your own hair!

    1. I don't think I wrapped very tightly. It just was hurting (tender head probs). I do not think I will ever do this style again. It is too time consuming and I never keep my hair for more than 4-5 weeks. Girl! you do your hair every 3-4 weeks? more power to you!

      P.S: I visited your blog but could not find the comment section & at one point it was in a foreign language :(

  2. Lol keine Sorge (tongue out) but Thanks for visiting.
    Yup three weeks I get a new style haha. I get overly bored which is ironic because my excitement at a new hairstyle should out weigh that feeling oder? But yeah. Since cutting my hair, I sort of miss doing my hair but it's fun figuring out how to make wigs.
    Yeah with a sensitive scalp, styles like faux locs is a no no and my crown usually bears the major pain. But it's more the stress in getting it done more than the severe head trauma (haha)

    1. I need to up my wig game! I am just very lazy when it comes to making wigs lol

      P.S: I think it is cool that you can speak and write in another language.

  3. Hi Folake,

    Well done, excellent DIY job! It's so neat. I love the idea of self-sufficiency, you get things done exactly how you like it and save money too. :-)

    Your scalp didn't look too happy after the wrapping was done, my scalp tingled simply from looking at yours, I'm very tender-headed. How did you sleep? Lol

    I haven't done faux locs before but I've had my hair threaded a few times, it hurts if the base is wrapped too tightly or too close to the scalp.

    1. I am low key a "perfectionist' if I am going to do it I might as well do it well. Girl! I basically did not sleep for a day :( I wrapped loosely but I guess it was not loose enough. Never trying it again tho.


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