Debbie Downer

      A few months ago I moved from a "city" to a suburb. "City" because it wasn't center city but everything was close enough, public transport was beyond decent and the main city was very accessible. When I moved to the suburbs I wasn't too thrilled. I complained about how far things were from each other, not having a African market nearby and not having a lot to do around my new home. I was a DEBBIE DOWNER! I am usually not a negative person but my childhood traumatized my idea of the suburbs. So you see I lived in the suburbs of the suburbs growing up, talking to trees and stones was one of my forms of entertainment. We did not have electricity in my neighborhood for years. There was absolutely nothing to do! I hope you are having a clear understanding of why moving to the suburbs made me a Debbie. As a child that went through that I have always wanted to be a city girl or at least live close enough to the city.

      To my surprise after a month of living in the suburbs I began to fall in love with it! Here is a quick short list of the perks of living in the suburbs......

  1. 99% of the time there is no traffic.
  2. It has made my organization skills better! Since I do not want to go to the grocery store a million times I make a detailed grocery list ( I did this before but not this extensive). I plan my trips to places better to avoid back and forth driving.
  3. Not getting pulled over by the police often ( I am lightning when I drive lol). The lights do not have a lot of cameras so I get less tickets. In my 6 months of living here I have only gotten one camera ticket which I am going to court for because I am 98% sure they sent it by accident lol. When I lived in the city, ticket was almost a weekly thing for me :( (I am working on my driving speed guys)
  4. I am enjoying the peacefulness that comes with living in the middle of nowhere. I have a lake right outside the balcony & it is absolute bliss at sunrise & sunset.
  5. During spring time I enjoy the perks of farmers market. Yasssssss to home grown and fresh groceries! I have a lot of market around me so I have choices to pick from.
  6. I enjoy the little shops that are privately owned and can get about homemade/ handmade anything.
  7. I have saved a lot of money living in the suburbs. Things are a little cheaper and you are not tempted to go out all the time.
  8. The train station looks like something out of the 70's with a train conductor et all.

Gorgeous view of the city!

      This very little things makes me very happy! To top this all off I live a little over an hour drive from the city. If I want a good night life it is honestly not a bad drive. I go to the city quiet often. I currently have the best of both lives. If I want crazy I drive to the city and if I want peace I stay at home (which I do a lot). Moral of the story is that give things a try even if you tried it before and it did not work out. The second time might just be better. You will never know until you try ya?

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