Maximizing your bantu knots

      If you are a "busy" (more like lazy) natural like me I am sure you are forever looking for a way to maximize your hair styles. Ain't nobody got time for styling hair every day! This is how I stretch out the life line of my bantu knots.

      I wear my bantu knots in its "natural" state for at least 4 days , sometimes a whole week. I just refresh it every other day/as needed with a mix of water, essential oil of choice & very little conditioner mixed in a spray bottle. Throw on pretty earrings and slight make up and you are good to go.

I tried out the triangle shaped bantu knots, not too shabby right?

By the 5th day I take down my batu knots and take apart each twist without unraveling it further. I wear it like this for another 4 days(ish)

 Awkward hand position lol. This is the 3rd day of the half unraveled bantu knots and it still looks amazing!

End of second week going into 3rd week...... I unravel completely and wear my hair in a puff for  a few days before I do the big wash.

      I know what you are thinking..... This girl does not wash her hair every week? NOPE I don't! Out of all  the natural girls I have spoken to I am still the only natural girl I know that does not wash or co-wash my hair every week or 2 weeks. I don't wash as often because I do not put a lot of product in my hair. If my hair feels dirty I will wash earlier than my usual. By the end of the 2nd week my hair is definitely ready for a wash and sometimes I can make it happen and other times it just has to wait till the beginning of the 3rd week. Find out what works for your hair and stick to it! 


  1. Yup, I realize I don't put plenty products in my hair as well. So I am thinking of reducing the frequency to about once in three weeks or maybe once in a month even lol, no time!.

    1. If you are not using a lot of product it makes a lot of sense to me. Ain't nobody got time for al that lol.


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