My travel tote

      Composing this post makes me sad because I am ready for a vacation but guess who can't afford one right now? ME! * gathers all my emotions together *. My only consolation is that this broke life will be over one day. Life can't continue like this! Alright lets get to it....When I do travel, this is usually what I have in my tote. 


  1. Passport because how else would I leave the country if it is an international flight?
  2. Book because no one likes boredom.
  3. Wallet because I need to put my money & credit card where I don't have to go fishing for it.
  4. Phone & headphones..... For pictures & music of course.
  5. Mints because bad breath is not good for anyone.
  6. Manicure set & band aid because I pick at my cuticle a lot & I always need a band aid for the aftermath (bad bad bad I know).
  7. Portable charger because a dead phone is useless.
  8. Kleenex because ehmm there is always something to clean or wipe.
  9. Pain killers because headaches do not warn me before they arrive!
  10. Lip balm because the general public frowns against crusty looking lips.
  11. Pill box because I attempt to take my vitamins these days.
  12. Hand lotion because ashy hands makes my skin crawl.
  13. Wall charger because I  might want to give my portable charger a break at layovers.
  14. Feminine wipes because your "girl" needs to stay fresh at all times! I usually have a tampon,pad & panty liner as well.
  15. Toothbrush & toothpaste (same reason as #5). I have braces now so I always have one at all times.
  16. Nail polish because I can kill time if I have a really long layover.
  17. Perfume because everyone likes someone that smells nice! 
  18. Handsanitizer because I don't want anyones germs.
What do you carry in your travel tote?


  1. You can always carry a tampon or pad for emergencies when traveling!! Face wipes for long flights. Possibly hair ties and eye drops

    1. I usually have a tampon or pad I just forgot to add that (updated the post tho). Face wipes & eye drops are definitely needed in my tote. Thanks girl :)

  2. Don't forget travel adapter, if you need one. I learned the hard way this easter break.

    We should do a collabo sometime. I'm starting a travel section on my blog soon

    1. Most airports have direct usb ports and my portable charger in combination with that should be sufficient.I should probably get one for my carry on for when I reach my destination. Not a bad idea, not a bad idea!

      We should! Let me know when you are ready!

  3. It'll have to be in May or after. By then the exam stress would have blown over. I'll email you tho ��


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