Wash day routine

       This is a long overdue post but I am glad I am finally getting to it. I do not have very specific routine for my hair, I just try to give it what it needs. In this post I am going to cover my routine for when I just take out a protective style that I have had for at least 4 weeks. After taking out my protective style, I finger detangle my hair as much as I can. I really try to focus on those knotted edges. I focus on my edges while finger detangling because I do not want them to break a lot when I am detangling with a comb.

Freshly out of protective style

      I then coat my scalp in my oil mixture ( I have all the oils you can think of in a applicator bottle). This process is called pre-pooing (I just started doing this on wash day). I massage this oil in my scalp and let it sit for at least 30 minutes to an hour. The duration of time I keep this in all depends on my schedule for the day. To make good use of my time I usually find something to do while I am waiting e.g fold laundry, clean the house or go get my nails done. If I am stepping out of the house while pre- pooing. I put my hair in a cute up-do and go about my business.


I went to get a pedicure while pre-pooing

       I wash with a shampoo of choice. On this very wash day I used my Mizani shampoo. I have been using this shampoo for a very long time and I love it! I wash my hair twice with the shampoo, wrap it in a towel to get some of the water out of my hair.


      After shampooing comes the hard part DETANGLING! *cries just by typing it* the longer my hair gets, the more I dread this process. I section my hair into four with clips and I work per section. I always have two extra clip because each section gets separated into at least another four mini section. I used my Mizani conditioner on this wash day, I coat one mini section in it and I use my fingers to detangle as I do this. I then coat my hair with my whipped shea butter mix. 


 Whipped shea butter

       I use my wide tooth comb to thoroughly detangle and I clip that section away. I do this to all the  mini sections and I put it in two giant twist when I am done. I spray my hair with water as needed as I go through each section ( my hair starts to dry out after a while). I move on to the next big section and same process is repeated until I have covered all four big sections. This usually takes me about an hour 30 mins (includes clean up time). I cover my hair with my shower cap and sometimes tie a scarf on top of it & I leave it for 6 hours or however long I feel like really. I do a ton of stuff while my hair is deep conditioning. I cook, clean , take a nap, everything except go out of the house lol.

 Fully detangled curls

      I sometimes do my deep conditioning over night, it all depends on how I am feeling honestly. After my deep conditioning session. I get in the shower and it is time to rinse my hair out and get cleaned up. I rinse out in twisted section, I untwist to rinse and I twist back when I am done. I dry my hair with a towel and apply some coconut oil to my scalp and twist.



  1. Absolutely love your hair Afolake.x


  2. Wow, you have absolutely beautifull hair.


  3. needed this. Thanks.... I be feeling like a lady checking out natural hair ish. looool

    1. It is totally ok! You have a Fro so I am sure one or two things on the blog is useful for you.


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