Wing It

       No you are not flying anywhere so you don't need actual wings. Funny joke? No! ok let me stop lol. Today we are talking about YouTube videos. We all watch YouTube tutorials when we are trying to find a new style for our hair.  The problem I have come to find with YouTube videos is that your hair never turns out exactly how you saw that chick on YouTube do hers. I have never let this bother me so you shouldn't let it stress you either.
      One of the beauty of natural hair is its versatility so I really do not understand why people want their hair to look exactly like what they see on social network and on YouTube. I have come up with a list of why I think YouTube videos do not give people the results they want.

  1. Are you watching a video of someone with very loose curls and you have the kinkiest hair on planet earth? well duh it will not work! You need to find someone that has really similar hair texture to yours and then give it a try. This is not to say that it is guarantee that you would get exactly the same results. From my experience I honestly believe that YouTube gurus do not show you everything they do to their hair. I am not calling anyone a fraud I am just saying scientifically there is no way you would follow a step by step instruction and you won't end up with very similar results. I have tried following tutorials a few times myself and I have never gotten it right lol.
  2. Another key reason why YouTube tutorials might not work out for you is your selection of hair product. I have to say I have tried tutorials with the same exact product and I still did not get the same exact result but my result was very similar compared to  when I tried different products than what the person doing the tutorial was using
  3. Are you in the same climate? If the YouTube guru  you are watching is in a different climate than you are trust me that might be the reason why your results are not even close to hers.  For example different climate  requires different oils. Using the wrong oil can alter how your curl pattern comes out.

My very failed twist out!

 This is the deadest twist out you will ever come across!

 I did not let it kill my vibe tho. I did an updo and life continued :)

The same dead twist out looking so yummy in a fro-hawk

I wore this twist out for two weeks! Rubbish or not I made it work.

      This is just a short list of some of the reasons your curls are not as popping like  you favorite YouTube girl. With all this being said, pay attention to the types of tutorials you are watching on the internet. If your hair does not come out just like what you saw it is not the end of the world! Embrace your new hair style and make it work! I  do not watch a lot of tutorials to do my hair but when I do my hair never turns out the same way. Most times when this happens I honestly love the results of what I get than what I saw online. Stop restricting yourself! Step out of your comfort zone!


  1. I don't even bother with YouTube videos anymore. First, they act like they have all the time in the world; they spend too much time on hair lol. But yeah I agree with you, hair can be really different, so people need to adjust expectations.

    1. LOL, well some people do have all the time in the world because they get paid to make YouTube videos. For people like you & I that don't get paid we just manage what little time we have and move on with our hair styles.

  2. I've given up on natural hair videos on YouTube. They all just annoy me now. I don't think any style I've ever copied off YouTube has worked so now I just do me and keep it moving. And let's not get started on how fast their hair grows.
    That frohawk IS yummy.

    BTW, I shared some of your posts on twitter. You should add your handle to the share thing so you get notified when someone shares your post and retweet it. Nothing like too much publicity.

    1. I honestly think people lie about when they did their big chop and all that (doing a post on that very soon). Some peoples hair grow very fast tho. They have got that good genes going on!
      Thank you :)
      Aw thank you for sharing me. I do not have a twitter account anymore so I can't add the share button. Share me on Facebook or Instagram perhaps :)


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