Edges & its woes

      Oh EDGES! the struggles females have with edges is real. I myself have suffered from loss of edges but thank baby Jesus it is growing back. I would tell you the "secret" I have been using. I have  been using Jamaican castor oil and It has been working wonders. I put some of this oil in a applicator bottle. I use this applicator bottle to avoid waste and it allows for easy application around my edges.

 Before my edges betrayed me. 

 Edges broke up with me :( June 2015.

      When I am very consistent I use this oil both in the morning and night. I just dribble very little around my circumference and I massage it into my edges. I sometimes use my fingers to massage it or I use a old toothbrush. When I do this at night time, I wrap a silk scarf around my head and sleep on my silk pillow case. After a few months of doing this my edges got fuller. To avoid oil build up after couple of days I just run my wet fingers around my edges when I shower (Just pull your shower cap back a little to do this). I do this at least every other day, it allows for fresh oil to settle on my scalp.

 Slowly nursing back my edges. August 2015.

September 2015.

      Another thing that helps my edges is the lack of edge control. When I was trying to grow my edges I started putting very little edge control. In fact I do not use edge control unless I absolutely needed it. I was able to this by avoiding styles that showed my edges too much. If your edges are not showing that much then you do not need a edge control! When I do use edge control, I keep it very light and when I am washing my face at night I "wash" my edges as well (I just run my watered fingers through it). That takes away some of the edge control and it helps avoid build up that can later cause breakage.

 Thank you team for helping my edges!

       Lastly I avoid putting my hair in tight up-dos & buns! Tight up-dos can cause a lot of stress on your edges and  that can cause your edges to break. Putting your hair in bun is also very bad for your edges. If you absolutely have to wear a bun make sure it is loose! Let your edges breath! do not constantly put your hair in protective hair style. Do not tie your scarf too tightly. When your hair stylist is braiding too tightly gently remind them to not braid  your circumference very tightly. Just avoid anything that causes tension on the circumference of your head. Consistency is key! You have to be consistent and patient for you to see results.

March 2016! Edges are thriving!


  1. Thank you!
    I've had Jamaican castor oil for a while but I haven't been deligent in using it.

    I'd definitely incorporate what you've shared. This was very helpful. Thank you Folake.

    1. You are welcome! let me see update pictures :)


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