Medicine cabinet must haves

The very basic things I try to always  have  in my medicine cabinet!

  • Band Aid & neosporin! I am the the queen of  accidents, at one point I could not go a week without cutting myself . The knives in the kitchen and I are starting to really understand each other these days so yay! I get less knife cut but I am still really bad at picking my cuticles so I always need a band aid.
  • Cortizone, Claritin & Benadryl is mainly for the Mr. He has sensitive skin so we never know what will give him hives. This three will take care of hives, itchiness and all of its like.
  • Tums! Everyone needs something for stomach aches in their cabinet. Stomach aches can randomly descend on you.
  • Ibuprofen or any pain killer. No one knows when headache will strike, I always have some type of pain reliever at home.
  • Tylenol cold and flu. This definitely get used during the winter months. I am not so pressed to have this during summer time. This is the only medication I use when I have a cold and it works wonders for me.
  • Nasal mist! I dislike dry nostrils, during the winter months this is a life saver!!!
~ What do you have in your medicine cabinet?

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