Nail care

      I am not even sure if I should be writing this post because I am the worst person when it comes to taking care of my nails. I pick my nails a LOT! I bite it until there is nothing left of it. In my defense I only bite my nails when  I am nervous, studying or doing some deep thinking. I am always doing some type of "deep thinking" so this means I bite my nails almost everyday. This is a bad habit I am trying to quit. I have been successful at quitting a few times but I somehow always go back to biting my nails and picking my cuticles. The worst part is I don't stop until I see a lot of blood ( I sound crazy I know).

      To help with this bad habit of mine I have made a point of always carrying a manicure set around. When I reach the point where I know if I pull that cuticle blood will be flowing, I just pull out my manicure set and cut the cuticle instead of creating an ocean of blood. I once covered my calculus test in blood, yes it is that bad :(

 mini manicure set

      Another thing I do to help my nails is making sure my hands are moisturized at all times. I have come to find that I do less picking when my hands are well moisturized. I work in a clinical setting so I am forever washing my hands and my hands just can't seem to stay moisturized especially at work. To solve this problem I always carry a lotion in my work bag and I set it right at my desk so this helps me to remember to lotion! lotion!! lotion!!! I have a lotion in my car, and in almost all my purses. I also try to soak my nails in 100% argan oil at least once a week. After the oil sits in for a few minutes I remove my cuticles with a cuticle remover (if I haven't pulled them all out with my fingers lol ). I massage the rest of the oil on my nails.

100% argan oil

It comes with a pipet that helps with application.

      Lastly, to help my nails I tried to get into the habit of painting my nails. To say I have failed woefully at this is an understatement. I wash my hands a lot so my nail polish does not last as long which is very annoying to me and it doesn't motivate me to paint my nails. Throughout the rest of the year I am going to try to always have my nails painted. When I have my nail polished I bite less.

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