Prevention is better than sacrifice

 DISCLOSURE: I am not an expert on sex; just a woman sharing bits & pieces of what she and some of her friends have learned in life. Feel free to email me if you have specific questions or want me to share your story on the blog. Don't be shy someone else might have gone through/is going through the same exact things you are going through. If you don't ask you will never know :)

      LMAO the title of this post cracks me up just because it sounds like something my mother will say......Anyways if you have decided to have sex before marriage it is only right that you know methods in which you can prevent yourself from unwanted pregnancy and STDs. Some people reading this are probably like duh who does not know that.....Uhmm you will be surprised at the things people do not know! Well I am here to educate you.

  • Condoms: I made this number one because through my discussions with friends I have come to find out that this is the most common method especially if you are trying to prevent yourself from both STDs and unwanted pregnancy. Some people are very embarrassed to buy condoms which I understand to an extent. Let your embarrassment stop tho, think about it... the only person that knows you are buying condoms is you and the cashier checking you out. The cashier might look at  you funny for a few seconds but that is it. If you get pregnant the whole "world" will stare at  you so please tell me which is worse, the cashier that you might never see again judging you or every one you know judging you? Ladies do not leave it up to the guy to always take care of you. You better buy that condom yourself and keep it at hand.Protect your damn self! If you get pregnant when you are not ready as a woman you will be the one to deal with it more. Match up to that counter with pride & buy your condoms!
  • Birth Control: While this does not prevent you from getting STDs it can prevent you from unwanted pregnancy if used appropriately. I will be making an extensive post about this method in future post.
  • Pull Out Method: For those that do not know this is having sex without condoms and the guy pulls out right before ejaculation. This ladies and gentlemen can be very risky because it doesn't always work! It takes a skillful guy to do this successfully. All you need is one lil ass sperm to touch an egg and life as you know it will change FOREVER. This also leaves you exposed to getting STDs.

      Although sex is not the only way in which one can get STD, it is one of the ways.  It is only by using a condom that you can try to prevent STD during sex. Condoms will not protect you 100% from getting pregnant. Condoms are only effective against pregnancy 78%-88% of the time. Not so high yeah? I looked it up on a reliable sources and it is correct. I guess they factored in the condom breaking/slipping off. Unwanted pregnancy is very difficult for anyone to  deal with, you are left to make a lot of choices that you might not be ready to make. Choices that can change your life FOREVER! Once you get an STD or unwanted pregnancy you will have to make some sacrifice (either short term or long term). Be responsible with your sexcapade people!


  1. I once dated a man who was big on the pull out method. I hated it and we had an argument over my wanting to stick with condoms and we didn't have sex for a good three months because he hated the condom idea. Suffice to say, we broke up.
    I think as women, we have the responsibility to ourselves to make certain our partners understand the importance of condoms. Sure they may not be 100% certain for anything, but like your post says, unwanted pregnancy or worse, STDs are very difficult options and change our lives in more ways than we know.

    1. Ain't nobody got time for that pull out game lol. Good for you for leaving his ass!

  2. Hi Folake,

    Excellent post! There's so much unnecessary hush-hush treatment given to sex and sexuality. The focus should be on educating and disseminating useful information.

    I am always amused when I see news about Baby mamas-in-progress and their ex-lovers getting into online battles about pregnancy claims or paternity doubts.

    It's very simple biology that unprotected sex sometimes equals bouncing baby. It's a no-brainer, really. Lol

    Thank you for sharing this. :-)

    1. I don't understand what the hush-hush is about. With the rate at which girls are getting unwanted pregnancy you would think there would be a change in sex education over the years. Lol at bouncing are welcome :)


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