Sunny Days!

      *phew* It is finally getting warm enough in my state.....not really, some days are still cold :( I feel like I am living in Iceland honestly. Anyways I am beyond grateful for the few sunny days and the Mr and I have been utilizing it well. I am no longer a couch bum HALLELUJAH!!! I actually make conscious effort to get out of the house on weekends when I am not working. On this particular weekend we explored a candy shop that I have been eyeing for a while now. What really attracted me to this shop was that I read on their sign that they make their own chocolate. Yum!

 Outside the shop, So cute yeah? 

 The ice cream flavors have cute names....some of the other interesting names are  blue moon, cherry amaretto fudge & this just got serious.

 I got kitty kitty bang bang because the name is dope! The flavor was dope as well.

The Mr got Fat Elvis.

 packed chocolate.

      I plan on going out more this summer. Less work and more FUN! Just help me to beg mother nature to chill out with the wind and below 50's temperature. It is freaking May already I just want some sunshine without having to wear a jacket. I live near a lake so that might not be happening anytime soon *sad sad face*

~ Got any summer plans?


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