What will KILL you!

      Yes you ain't even dead yet and I already determined your cause of death. I am just kidding guys! I do not mean actual death ( I probably should stop all my lame jokes lol) I am talking about what will kill your hair journey. Most natural girls have this problem, especially new naturals. This problem is called HAIR COMPARISON.

       Of course when you are natural and you discover the natural hair community you will be in awe! You would see different varieties of natural hair and you will fall in love. All you will want is for your hair to be just like that. Not only new naturalistas suffer from this problem I think most natural girls do ( who wouldn't want their hair to be looking so yummy?). But let me tell you right now that this will KILL your healthy hair journey.

I started from somewhere. Rome wasn't built in a day.

      You can't just look at other peoples hair and always compare your growth to theirs. First of all do you know exactly how many years it took them to be where they are (in most cases you really don't)? We just see pictures and gosh and wish wish wish away. I had this problem too but as a sharp girl I learnt fast! I stopped comparing my hair to other people's hair!. It is not an easy thing to do, but once you can focus on your hair you have solved one of the major problems you will have with your hair.

See?! It grew.....it only took a few years lol. Them snapchat filters tho!

      HAIR COMPARISON doesn't allow you to fully focus on your own hair so you end up missing the little details i.e your slow but growing hair. It makes you sad, frustrated and sometimes gives you thoughts of giving up on your hair. STOP comparing your hair to others! All fingers are not made equal. Your hair will grow to have that length and volume you want (and let's face fact maybe for some of you it wouldn't). I did not make that last sentence to discourage you. Watch out for my next post and I'll talk about that topic more.


  1. Oh but that's the truth. It's like my friend would always say...natural hair isn't for everyone and I kind of agree with her. Every texture is beautiful in itself but how you work with what you have is what makes all the diff
    Me? It took me five years to realize I was not properly looking after my hair(think hand dryers and dry combing...ouch) in the one full year it took me to care for my hair, I saw a huge difference.
    It's been two... almost three months since I went back to a very teeny TWA and I am learning to accept my hair. Truth be told, I cut off on impulse to see how I do with my boy cut! Do I want it to grow fast? Duh yes but I intend to fully reap the benefits of a TWA. Oh the freedom!!!
    I'm probably going to cut my hair again when I get older...who knows

    1. I miss TWA so terribly. When I first cut my hair I was focused on length. By the time I realized that is not what I really cared about I wasn't tough enough to cut it all off and start over. I will definitely advise a new naturalista to enjoy the TWA stage as much as they can and cut their hair as much as they want in that stage.


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