Road trip to New York, Jersey & Philly

      Memorial Day weekend unofficially marks the beginning of summer. Summer time = Road Trip Time if you ask me. The Mr. and I took maximum advantage of this past memorial day weekend and drove to NY, NJ  & Philly. We used the back roads so it took us 15 hours 30 mins to drive to NY and about the same time coming back. We choose to use the back roads because it is more interesting than taking the turnpike. We got to save money on toll and had some pretty amazing views on our drive ( Back roads added 2 hours to our trip but we were in no hurry ). We had two days to see all 3 cities and we made it happen. We were originally supposed to go to NY & Jersey but Philly happened by accident and it added a good experience to our trip.

Trip Highlights.

Visited Brooklyn & Manhattan bridge.

Make up brush set & it's care

      I have the worst luck with brush set. All the ones I have used always shed and it is very annoying. I am not a makeup guru so that will be my only complain about brushes. My friend gave me this bb cosmetic brush and I have been enjoying using it. So far it is not shedding and I love the packaging of the brush.

Just about all the brush I need.

Must Have Combs

      I did not know my combs until I went natural. Being natural got me deeply schooled on the comb world. My first year of as a natural girl pretty much went with breeze but as my hair grew longer I could not just shower and detangle with my afro pick. Yes guys I used to do a complete  "detangle" with my afro pick, do not judge me lol. This same afro pick was also my tail comb, I used it for everything. Another reason why I mainly stuck to my afro pick as my go to was because I could never find any of the other combs when I needed them.

I got this comb the very first day I did my big chop 5 years ago.

A little help?

 DISCLOSURE: I am not an expert on sex; just a woman sharing bits & pieces of what she and some of her friends have learned in life. Feel free to email me if you have specific questions or want me to share your story on the blog. Don't be shy someone else might have gone through/is going through the same exact things you are going through. If you don't ask you will never know :) 

      Some of my girls and I were having our basic girl talks one day and the issue of not producing enough body fluids during sex came up. One Jane Doe said she thought it was her fault when she is having sex and all of a sudden Ms. V dries up. She even thought this means she is not attracted to the guy so her body is just not responding to him. You know how some people say when you are turned on you get  very wet.....well that is not necessarily true. You can be turned on and not be wet. Some peoples body just produce more fluids than others. If you are not producing enough fluid during sexual intercourse get some lubricant!

A little help never hurt nobody!

Don't be a cheap ass

      I am sure the people that know me personally are laughing at this post title. You see I used to be somewhat of a cheap ass. I wasn't really a cheap ass I just refuse to spend a lot of money on certain things. I soon learnt that buying things I did not really like just to save a few bucks was not worth it. I changed my life and started buying the things that make me extremely happy.
     My first not being a cheap ass episode was when I decided to buy a MacBook. See I always knew I hated laptop PC's . I shared a laptop with my sister and we used to have a Toshiba which was horrible! I hated all the pop ups I get about anti virus. My sister bought a MacBook and I fell in love. Fast forward to two years later when I decided not to be a free loader anymore, I decided to buy my own laptop and I went with a MacBook because I don't want no damn pop ups. I thought about how much I was spending on that MacBook for a few weeks but told myself it will be worth it. Five years later and I still think it is worth it! I am enjoying not having a anti virus reminder or pop ups everywhere.

Photo credit: Random pic off the internet.