Don't be a cheap ass

      I am sure the people that know me personally are laughing at this post title. You see I used to be somewhat of a cheap ass. I wasn't really a cheap ass I just refuse to spend a lot of money on certain things. I soon learnt that buying things I did not really like just to save a few bucks was not worth it. I changed my life and started buying the things that make me extremely happy.
     My first not being a cheap ass episode was when I decided to buy a MacBook. See I always knew I hated laptop PC's . I shared a laptop with my sister and we used to have a Toshiba which was horrible! I hated all the pop ups I get about anti virus. My sister bought a MacBook and I fell in love. Fast forward to two years later when I decided not to be a free loader anymore, I decided to buy my own laptop and I went with a MacBook because I don't want no damn pop ups. I thought about how much I was spending on that MacBook for a few weeks but told myself it will be worth it. Five years later and I still think it is worth it! I am enjoying not having a anti virus reminder or pop ups everywhere.

Photo credit: Random pic off the internet.

      Another thing I thought long and hard about before I purchased it was my lunch bag. You are probably thinking what the heck? what is there to think about in a lunch bag?. Well there is a lot to think about such as style, color, durability and all that good stuff. Out of the few I listed style  and durability were the main one for me. See I wanted a lunch bag that did not look like an average lunch bag.......

Average lunch bag. Photo credit: Random pic off the internet.

      I wanted a stylish lunch bag. All the stylish lunch bag I found where at least $50.After I saw the price I contemplated going to Wal-Mart to buy a $7 lunch bag. Deep down I knew I would not be happy with my $7 lunch bag. Again I choose happiness and bought my $50 lunch bag. Some of my friends think I am a bit ridiculous for spending that much on a lunch bag. They might be right about the ridiculous part but the thing is there is no day I carry that bag that I am not happy about it. Four years later and I still love my bag and it hasn't needed a replacement. Don't just buy expensive things, buy quality things that you can actually enjoy using. If I bought that Wal-Mart bag I am sure I would have replaced it at least two times by now.

My amazing lunch bag.

 I love this little chimp on the side.

 It has a long handle so you can carry it like a cross body bag.

Of course it is insulated.

      If you are interested in this kipling lunch bag you can get it from macys. I originally wanted mine in black but they did not have it in stock at that time so I went for my 2nd color choice. Free lunch bag tips, do not put your lunch bag in the fridge. Take out your food out of the bag and put it in the fridge. Putting your lunch bag in the fridge can cause it to smell after a while. The outside material does not belong in the fridge!

P.S: I did not post for a while because I was looking to change my blog name to something that isn't so hair based. My creative juices regarding this isn't so great. Weeks later I still do not have a name. I missed blogging so I decided to continue with my old name until I find a name I like. I am open to ideas by the way :) Thank you in advance.


  1. Hi Folake,

    Lol... Cheap skate reminds of the Yoruba word for being overly thrifty- "Alaroro".

    I agree with you, quality might be more expensive but it pays in the long run.

    I wish the Macbook power charger lasted as long as the computer itself, that cable is so not-durable at all!

    1. I have only had to replace my charger once in my 5 years of having it. I think its durability is highly correlated with how well one takes care of it. I always make sure my charger is pretty much straight when I am using it.

  2. Haha! This is sooo interesting because I am also looking to change my blog name and coming up with nothing so far :-(

    But yeah, I see your point with not being a cheapskate lol...will take your advice

    1. lol we are both out of creative juices.

  3. i think where i dont compromise again is shoes. Ive learnt that with my weight, buying a cheap shoe will only last for a short period because the heel will end up twisting after one use

    1. Lara,
      I need to stop compromising on shoes and clothes as well. The way my bank account is set up tho.....can't afford the qualities I really want at this point in life so I am stuck in my cheap ways when it comes to those.


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