Make up brush set & it's care

      I have the worst luck with brush set. All the ones I have used always shed and it is very annoying. I am not a makeup guru so that will be my only complain about brushes. My friend gave me this bb cosmetic brush and I have been enjoying using it. So far it is not shedding and I love the packaging of the brush.

Just about all the brush I need.

      Alright lets talk about taking care of your brush because this is important. A dirty brush can cause you  to break out! I don't like break outs and I am sure no one else does *pretty girl swag*. Anyways  I don't go all crazy when it comes to cleaning my brush this is probably because I do not use them that often. I use my mac cosmetics brush cleaner which works amazingly well! Since I rarely wear make up these days, I clean my brush once a month (probably longer). One thing I really like about using the mac brush cleaner is that I can apply my make up with my brush immediately after the cleaning process. I do not have to wait for it to air dry. A long time ago ( the very broke days) I used to wash my brush with hair conditioner. I just put a little conditioner in water and let my brush soak for a few minutes and rub it with my hands. This method got the job done but I have to wait for my brush to dry and I think soaking it contributed to my brush shedding. I am considering buying a egg brush cleaner. Do you have one of this egg brush? If yes how well do you like it?

Mac brush cleaner.

How do you clean your brush?


  1. I got a silicon pad that scrubs my brushes really well. I had one of those sprays but it did nothing and was a huge mess every time I used it. So the arrival of the silicon pad was a God send.
    You should try elf. Their brushes are cheap and durable.
    I'm not big on make up but I love a good application sometimes.

    1. So you just scrub with a silicone pad? no type of liquid involved?


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