Must Have Combs

      I did not know my combs until I went natural. Being natural got me deeply schooled on the comb world. My first year of as a natural girl pretty much went with breeze but as my hair grew longer I could not just shower and detangle with my afro pick. Yes guys I used to do a complete  "detangle" with my afro pick, do not judge me lol. This same afro pick was also my tail comb, I used it for everything. Another reason why I mainly stuck to my afro pick as my go to was because I could never find any of the other combs when I needed them.

I got this comb the very first day I did my big chop 5 years ago.

       My sister and I were  roommates so things like combs were forever going missing between the two of us. If you have a sister or a girl best friend that you live with you know what I am talking about. It is almost like a ghost is living with you. You can never find anything and you both deny using it last. Obviously somebody used it if not it will be in its usual spot yeah? Anyways I got sick and tired of looking for combs in the house so I went and bought a new set of comb and seriously warned my sister not to touch it. I also did not keep it  where we put our hair stuff, I kept it in my room......away from her magnet hands. 

Basically all the combs I need.

      After each use I make sure to clean it and put it back in its rightful spot. This worked guys! I can't remember the last time I had to look for my combs. Things are always just were I left them and they stayed squeaky clean. One of my best girl gave me a bag as a gift so I use it as a comb bag and this has helped a whole lot with the organization of my combs.

Denman brush (I use it once in a while) , my wide tooth combs for detangling.

My favorite cutting comb! Rocking with me for 9 years.

 Comb bag is from victoria secret.

The two clear inner pockets makes things easier to find.

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