Road trip to New York, Jersey & Philly

      Memorial Day weekend unofficially marks the beginning of summer. Summer time = Road Trip Time if you ask me. The Mr. and I took maximum advantage of this past memorial day weekend and drove to NY, NJ  & Philly. We used the back roads so it took us 15 hours 30 mins to drive to NY and about the same time coming back. We choose to use the back roads because it is more interesting than taking the turnpike. We got to save money on toll and had some pretty amazing views on our drive ( Back roads added 2 hours to our trip but we were in no hurry ). We had two days to see all 3 cities and we made it happen. We were originally supposed to go to NY & Jersey but Philly happened by accident and it added a good experience to our trip.

Trip Highlights.

Visited Brooklyn & Manhattan bridge.

Visited Statue of liberty & Ellis Island

Ate really good street food.

Went to a roof top night club in NYC (Plunge). It was amazing! It was free to get in and the energy in the club was good. They played all types of music including my favorite (African music).

Roof top view.
Went to dinner at dallas BBQ. The food was very good, I got my moneys worth and they served in big portions. If you ever go there make sure you get the beef ribs. So freaking yum!

 Beef ribs.

      We went to a Ghanian restaurant in Philly called Kings & Queens. They also served food in huge portions for a very reasonable price. I was too hungry so I could not take a picture. The owners customer service was excellent! If you are ever in Philly definitely check the place out.
      One of the main purpose of this trip was to visit friends. The Mr. saw some of his friends and so did I. This was my third time in in all 3 cities so I wasn't too excited because I knew what to expect. I would have loved to drive that far to somewhere I have never been before. Overall it was a really nice trip and seeing old friends made the long drive worth it.


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