Prepping for A Road Trip

       I think it is ideal to write a post about how I prepped for our east coast trip since I wrote about the trip. This is the first  long distance road trip I planned by myself (well with some help form the Mr) and I am very proud of the job I we did. The very first thing I we did is get the distance of our destination and decided if there would be any driving breaks (we decided against any major breaks). I we hen calculated gas prices & toll. Once I we had that down the major planning began. I am very big on planning and since I knew about this trip at least 2 months in advance this gave me plenty of time to plan.

Step 1: Rent a car

 I highly suggest you rent a car if you are going to be driving more than 4 hours. I don't think it is reasonable for anyone to put a ton of mileage on their car when they don't have to especially when you can rent a car for as cheap as $10 a day. When you are renting a car, pick a car that is good on gas and looks comfortable. If you are travelling with a big group get a big car that gives everyone enough space to stretch their legs. Make sure the car you are renting has  jumping cables (bring yours if you have to), a spare tire & all the things necessary to change a tire.

Our rental car

Step 2: Food

If you are driving for at least 4 hours I suggest you bring food especially if  you do not plan on stopping anywhere. Try to make your food choices as healthy as possible, you don't want to have a stomach ache from eating crap your whole trip. Stick to food and snack you have tried before and like. On our east coast trip I bought some drinks neither of us have tried and we both did not really like them. My point is road trip time is not the time for food experiment, just buy what you enjoy eating. If your drive is really long and you are into energy drinks take some with you so you don't fall asleep on the wheels. I am big on hydration so I took a lot of drinks and water (well I thought it was a lot, we ran a little low on drinks on our way back). Learn from my mistakes and pack almost double of what you think you will need.

 I really tried with the healthy thing yeah?

 My picnic basket is so damn cute. 

 I got this basket for $10 at the thrift store a while ago. It is falling apart :( I have my eye on something similar I found at bed bath & beyond. The new basket I am looking at is insulated (You know I have to keep my jollof rice warm lol). Bed bath & beyond has a ton of different style, you can find the one I am looking at here

 Get a cooler and some ice for your drinks. 

Step 3: Basic necessities

  • GPS holder
  • Car phone charger
  • Lots of CDs
  • Audio book (I am taking this on our next trip)
  • Games ( The Mr. & I come up with most of our games)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Wet wipes
  •  A roll of paper towel (You would be surprised at how much paper towel you go through on a road trip)
  • Blankets, regular pillow and neck pillow
After doing all of this you pretty much have set yourself up for a successful road trip. May your summer be filled with perfect or almost perfect road trips!

How do you prepare for your road trip?


  1. Where can one rent a car for just $10? Enterprise just seems really pricey to me. But yeah, you seemed really well prepared!!

    1. You can rent as low as $1 at enterprise. It all depends on the time you are renting. Renting ahead of time can also save you a lot of money. We got our rental about a month before we travelled at hertz and it was about $12 per day.


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