Tampons will not disvirgin you

      Discovering tampons is one of the best things that has happened to me! I started using tampons about three years ago and life has never been the same. Here are 3 reasons why I think you should switch to tampons.

U kotex is my favorite brand of tampons!

1. Cleanliness

Since I switched to tampons I have had less messy periods. I can confidently get up from a chair and not worry about being stained. I can wake up in the morning without the fear of having blood stains all over my bed. If you buy the right type of tampon and change as often as you should you will not have a lot of mess. If you have really heavy flow buy a super plus and buy a regular (for when the flow slows down). Pads shift from its position hence why it is very easy to get stained from wearing one.

2. Comfort

I find tampons way more comfortable than pads. You do not feel bulkiness in between  your thighs and this allows you to move around more comfortably. To be extra free from the stress of getting stained I wear a panty liner with my tampons. 

3. Compact

I personally like the smallness of tampons and how discreet it is when I am going through the struggle of slipping it from my purse to my pocket without anyone seeing it.

1st timer tampon user tips.

     I will feel bad if I tell you guys the advantages of tampons but don't give you a few tips on the do's and don't of tampons so here we go....
  • Make sure you get the right size for your needs! I am a heavy flow but I always just got super & regular tampons because I thought that was the "standard" sizes for me. Turns out I needed super plus for the first 2 days and after that a regular. 
  • I strongly advise you to watch a video on how to insert a tampon before you try it. I did not watch a video and just listened to verbal instructions from a friend that wasn't too explanatory. I ended up leaving the  plastic shell of the tampon in Ms. V. I was very very uncomfortable and I thought no flipping way this is more comfortable than a pad. I can't remember how I figured out the plastic outside case needed to go but I figured it out and all was well again!

Security Tampon

      After following the instructions in the picture above insert the tampon in Ms. V up to the  beginning of the clear plastic (right image). Push the bottom plastic until you cant go further and remove the plastic. The part you need has already been dispensed in Ms. V at this point. For more detailed instructions watch a video.

      If you get the sleek tampon all you have to do is insert it into Ms.V until you get to the rubbery part (which is the part you will hold on to when inserting - part with the flower drawing). The security tampon is the very first one I gave instructions on. I always get the security tampon because it is smaller in size than the sleek tampon.
  • Make sure you are changing as often as you need to. You rate of change depends on your flow. I suggest trying to change every 3-4 hours. If the tampon is saturated that might be a good changing rate for you. As your flow  becomes lighter your rate of change will increase. Leaving the tampon in for too long can be toxic to your body.
    • To remove your tampon just pull the dangling rope. You should always have enough rope to pull. If you can't find your rope there is a problem because you probably inserted the tampon way too deep. Be careful about that!
    • Some people can get away with not wearing a panty liner, I can't. Wearing a panty liner makes me feel better just incase there is a leakage or I miss my changing window by an hour or two.
     Above is a better picture comparing the size of the sleek and security tampon. One of the reason  U kotex is my favorite brand is because of all the fun colors the tampons come in. You might as well be on your period in style yeah? A lot of people stay away from tampons because they think it will disvirgin them. Well let me tell you girlfriend, the size of a penis is nothing compared to the size of a tampons so don't worry about a tampon disvirgining you.

Photo Credit: All pictures used in this post is courtesy of google.


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