The Body Shop

      The first time I tried body shops product was July 2015. I was on vacation in Canada and I somehow ran out of lotion so I tried my friends mango body butter from the body shop. I was hooked from that day! It moisturized my body very well without me putting a lot on. I haven't used anything but their product on my body since then.

The mango line
      I love the mango line a lot! I use it during the winter because I try to stay away from fruity smells in the summer time (I don't need bugs chasing me around lol). Because of the fruity smell I sneeze for the first couple of days after returning to using it. Apart from the sneezing I don't have any other complaints about it.  Pictured above is the body scrub, body wash, body butter, oil and body mist. I use it exactly in that order. I try to do body scrub at least once a week.

 Cocoa & Shea butter body butter

      I just tried the Cocoa & Shea line this summer and it is the biznesssss! The smell is very mild and I honestly feel like a bag of money when I use it. I just feel rich and so proud of the skin I am in each time I use it (everyday in the summer). It is amazing!!!!!! They both smell very similar.

 48hr Shea body butter

      I am saving this 48hr body butter for the winter because my skin gets drier during the winter. It is supposed to be more moisturizing than the standard body butter which is 24 hours.

 Inside look

 I tried to show the thickness here but it is hard taking picture of my hand with a DSLR. Hopefully you still see my point. Because of this thickness you do not need a lot to get moisturized.

Wild argan oil body wash

      After trying the argan body wash I bought the body butter and it is also very moisturizing and the smell is mild. I know I have only used the word amazing and moisturizing with each product but that is the truth. If you are looking for a moisturizing body butter this is it girlfriend. I used to buy it directly from the body shop ( I go when they have a sale). If I really need something and there is no sale going on at the shop I can usually find their products at TJ Max for even lesser prices. The body butter are as expensive as $35 for 13.5oz and it can be as cheap as $9.99 (I know huge price diffrence right?) it all depends on where you buy it. I would tell you right now that TJ Max only carries their older line. If a new product just came out you will not find it at TJ Max or Ulta.


  1. I love Body Shop!

    The Satsuma line is my favourite. One whiff of the sharp citusy fragrance and I feel like I've "eaten" enough Vitamin C for the day. Lol

    1. Hey Nedoux,
      I really wanted to try Satsuma but I just couldn't deal with the smell. Maybe I will give it one more chance.


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