Tips for detangling/washing your hair after a protective style

      When taking out your  protective style be gentle with your hair. Use a shampoo or conditioner to finger detangle. I use shampoo because it is more reasonable to me ( you can use the shampoo in your hair to do your first wash). Start with your edges so you can focus all your energy on that area since the hair in this area is more delicate. If you start with the back you might get too tired before you get to the front and might not be as patient with your edges. Detangle per braided hair! This is time consuming and excruciating especially if your braids are small  but trust me it is totally worth it. You would have less breakage with this method. You can do the middle of your hair in bigger sections since the hair there is not as delicate.


Steps I follow:

  •  I wash my hair twice. 
  •  I do a mask treatment afterwards.
    •  I typically opt for my Aztec clay mask after having braids for 4-5 weeks. I let the mask sit in for 45 minutes and I rinse with cool water. You can find the recipe for my clay mask here 
  •  I follow up with a deep conditioner (currently Mizani).
    • I love doing a deep condition after Aztec clay just because I want to make sure I get all the clay out and I want a very nice smell in my hair afterwards. The clay rinses out very well I just like the extra feeling of cleanliness. The deep conditioning process also keeps my hair very soft (Aztec clay can leave you hair dry especially if you mix with  apple cider vinegar).
    • I add a layer of my Shea butter mix to my hair & let it all sit for about 45 minutes (sometimes overnight)
    • I detangle again with a wide tooth comb or denman brush in bigger sections before I wash my deep conditioner out. As I detangle, I put my hair in big twist which I take out in the shower to rinse out and I twist each section right back.
      • I wash my hair in the twist because it saves me time when I get out of the shower. I don't have to re-twist/ re-section to put oil in my hair
Whipped Shea with all the oils you can think of.
  • At this point in my washing process I am exhausted so there is no energy for anything fancy. I massage coconut oil into my scalp and twist.
      I let my hair breath for at least 3 days before manipulating excessively or doing another protective hair style

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