During Braces

      I was very aware of what to do before braces, but I seriously failed at looking up what to expect during braces. I read a few things about what  to expect but my research was not as extensive as my before my braces research. In order for you not to suffer the way I did with my braces the first few months of having them here are some tips for you.
  • Medication: On the very first day you are going to have your braces put in make sure you use some pain killers before you go and have some handy to take every four hours after installment in case you need it. I travelled the same day I got my braces and I did not use any pain killers. By the time I got off the airplane I literally thought I was going to die! The pain was so horrible, my mouth was very sore and I did not sleep that night. I started using pain killers every four hours and that helped a lot. I still low key dislike my orthodontist for not telling me exactly what to expect right after the placement of my braces. I just wish someone explained the amount of pain I would be in to me, I knew it would be painful but I did not know it will be that bad. When you are getting your laces changed I highly suggest you take pain killers before as well. Once you reach the stage where all the space in your teeth have closed you might not need to take painkillers before hand.

You can pick your poison when it comes to this, I normally use Advil liquid gels.

Parachute Coconut Oil Review.

      I do not do as much review as I would like to and I honestly don't know why. I am trying to do better tho. I get a lot of questions about hair products I will recommend. What better way to let you guys know than to tell you about my favorite products and my least favs. Today we are discussing Parachute Coconut Oil. I heard about this product about 2 years ago. I did not understand what the hype was so I finally decided to get it a year ago. Here is my verdict!

Before Braces

      I am five months into my braces treatment *yay* so I thought to put some information out there for those that might be considering braces. This is going to be a series post which I am really going to try to fit into three parts; Before braces, During Braces and After braces.
      Like any other thing you are investing a good amount of money on you should do your research. Google is your best friend my friend. Research things like treatment options, durations, cost and orthodontist in your area that accepts your insurance (if your insurance covers it). Now that we have the basics out of the way let us dive in.
      So my parents (dad especially) have always talked about me getting  braces but he never took the time to actually take me to an orthodontist. I mentioned in this post that I cared a little bit about the spacing in my teeth but after few months of re-evaluating I realized I did not care that much about the space. What prompted me to get braces instead was the protrusion of my two front teeth that changed the structure of my face and ruined my selfies (vain much). No kidding guys when I take a selfie all you see is my teeth lol. I really hated that and wanted to just see my face a lot more when I smile. I started really looking into braces around November of 2015. I found out that my insurance covers $2000 out of my braces expense and that just did it for me. I got really serious about getting braces and began the process.

 Teeth protrusion is live in this pic!