Before Braces

      I am five months into my braces treatment *yay* so I thought to put some information out there for those that might be considering braces. This is going to be a series post which I am really going to try to fit into three parts; Before braces, During Braces and After braces.
      Like any other thing you are investing a good amount of money on you should do your research. Google is your best friend my friend. Research things like treatment options, durations, cost and orthodontist in your area that accepts your insurance (if your insurance covers it). Now that we have the basics out of the way let us dive in.
      So my parents (dad especially) have always talked about me getting  braces but he never took the time to actually take me to an orthodontist. I mentioned in this post that I cared a little bit about the spacing in my teeth but after few months of re-evaluating I realized I did not care that much about the space. What prompted me to get braces instead was the protrusion of my two front teeth that changed the structure of my face and ruined my selfies (vain much). No kidding guys when I take a selfie all you see is my teeth lol. I really hated that and wanted to just see my face a lot more when I smile. I started really looking into braces around November of 2015. I found out that my insurance covers $2000 out of my braces expense and that just did it for me. I got really serious about getting braces and began the process.

 Teeth protrusion is live in this pic!

Comparison & picking a orthodontist:

      When I did my research through google and talking to people I started reaching the conclusion that braces cost about the same every where you go. Being a curious being I  decided to conduct my own in person research. I went to five different orthodontist ( Yep five is a lot!) to get evaluated. During the evaluation they tell you about the treatment option/plan, duration & cost. After my five visits I realized that prices are not the same or even close to being the same everywhere. Treatment option/ plan and duration where also not the same. I went with the orthodontist that I liked his plan and method better. He was not the cheapest but I like the impression and service I got on the very first day at his office.
Top left picture really shows you the effect of protruded teeth on my profile

Treatment Option/ Plan:

      The treatment options I came across at all five places I went was invisalign, traditional braces, ceramic braces and damon braces. I really wanted to get invisalign  because I thought I would look awful in braces (I wear glasses already so please understand my fear lol). Invisalign cost $2000 more than any of the other options and my teeth had more chances of moving back. invisalign treatment was longer and the care was a lot. I decided to go with the damon braces. The damon braces cost the same as the traditional braces at my doctors office. Damon braces are a little more discreet (the top ones are clear) , and they are supposed to hurt less than traditional braces. Pick a treatment option that works for you. Evaluate  and read about your options before you decide. I have had my braces for five months now and I don't look as awful in them as much as I thought I would.

What braces? lol


      The amount of time  you have your braces or invisalign for depends on how bad your teeth are and how much straightening needs to be done to get it where it needs to be. It can be as little as 6 months and as long as 3 years (this is the longest I have heard of). I think the country you are getting your done in also affects the duration. If it is country that is not well equipped with new orthodontic technologies/ method it might take longer. I only have to have my braces in for 12 months.


      Once you find out the cost be sure it is something you can afford. I honestly don't think I would have gotten my braces when I did if my insurance wasn't paying a chunk of it. Most orthodontist office have a payment plan set up which usually goes something like this.....whole payment at once, 6 month payment plan, 12 months payment plan and 18 months payment plan. I went with the 12 months payment plan. My out of pocket cost (amount insurance did not cover) is about $3680 . I use my medical flex spending account(basically payments come out of my paycheck without it being taxed) If you know you are going to have a high medical expense and your job/ insurance offers this option I suggest you do it. It saves you a few dollars.

Pre-braces cleaning:

      Now that you have the main details under your belt I suggest you go to your dentist to get your yearly cleaning. Once your braces come on it is difficult to do a deep cleaning because your braces are now in the way.


  1. Hi Folake,

    I enjoyed reading this. Like you, I did quite a bit of research before making the decision to get braces, best investment ever.

    It's easy to get bad breath while wearing braces due to all the food particles that get stuck around the brackets. I found an excellent interdental floss tape by Oral B that has a stiff end that smoothly goes under the wires.

    An electric toothbrush is so important too.

    Good luck on your journey. :-)

    1. Hey Nedoux,
      I have heard of bad breath horror stories due to braces, my journey is going well thankfully. No bad breaths around here lol. I use the proxy brushes and they are awesome!

  2. Our selfie game got upgraded right?! Hahah
    Growing up I hated my "gapped" teeth and used to wish I could do something about it. Not because I wanted a several watts smile or a spanking good selfie no I just hated it for no apparent reason!
    I still don't like it but i can obv live with it. I used to think braces were cool too but always thought it hurt to have them and never quite figured out how people kept them in. Your post is very enlightening

    1. Hey Ediyefunk,
      Girl ya know!!!!! I can't recognize my face these days. My profile changed so much and I love it!!!! My gapped tooth wasn't the major problem for me I just did not like how it made my overall face profile look. I am glad you learnt some new things :)


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