During Braces

      I was very aware of what to do before braces, but I seriously failed at looking up what to expect during braces. I read a few things about what  to expect but my research was not as extensive as my before my braces research. In order for you not to suffer the way I did with my braces the first few months of having them here are some tips for you.
  • Medication: On the very first day you are going to have your braces put in make sure you use some pain killers before you go and have some handy to take every four hours after installment in case you need it. I travelled the same day I got my braces and I did not use any pain killers. By the time I got off the airplane I literally thought I was going to die! The pain was so horrible, my mouth was very sore and I did not sleep that night. I started using pain killers every four hours and that helped a lot. I still low key dislike my orthodontist for not telling me exactly what to expect right after the placement of my braces. I just wish someone explained the amount of pain I would be in to me, I knew it would be painful but I did not know it will be that bad. When you are getting your laces changed I highly suggest you take pain killers before as well. Once you reach the stage where all the space in your teeth have closed you might not need to take painkillers before hand.

You can pick your poison when it comes to this, I normally use Advil liquid gels.
  • Wax: This bad boy is the biznnnnness! After painkillers this will be your second best friend. Coat your braces in this the very first day, it helps your inner lips adjust to the wires in your mouth. I used the wax the entire first week and it helped a lot. If you have a wire poking you can slap some wax on it before going to have it clipped.
Dental wax
  • Toothpaste & Toothbrush: Invest in a good toothpaste & toothbrush! I got an electric toothbrush but I haven't really been using it because my teeth has been sensitive and it hurts too much to use an electric brush.I had to get a substitute manual brush, I use any sensitive/soft oral B manual brush. Whenever my nerves calms down (at least a week after lace tightening) I do use my electric toothbrush and there is a significant difference in cleansing.You need a toothpaste that doesn't just clean but one that also refreshes. I recommend the aqua fresh toothpaste, I have very sensitive teeth so I use sensodyne to help with sensitivity.  I mostly use my sensodyne toothpaste but when I need more freshness I substitute with aqua fresh. When I first got my braces I brushed my teeth every single time I ate something  and this was too much friction for my gum. I now only brush twice (morning & night), I do a good rinse during the day after anything I eat because getting food stuck in your braces ain't cute!
Oral B 3000 electric toothbrush
  • Flossing: Ugh! this is the one I am really terrible at. You see I was never a great flosser before braces so asking me to floss while I had braces was almost impossible! I was advised to get a waterpik but that did not seem to help very much. Waterpik is great for when you have a lot of spacing in your teeth but what are you supposed to do when the space starts closing? It does a great job cleaning around the brackets but then again a tooth brush can do that. I went back to traditional flosser and I haven't been doing well with that either but I am definitely trying. I ended up returning my waterpik because it wasn't effective enough for me. You  can try it and see how well you like it. Here are some pics of what it looks like. 
 Waterpik home system.

 It comes with different types of heads so you can switch it out according to your needs.

Travel size waterpik. It comes with a small bag for easy traveling.
  • Proxy Brush: These my friends are my third best friend!!!! They are really small which makes them easy to carry. I practically use them all the time. It gets in between my brackets conveniently and when I am in public and can't get away to brush it is there to save the day!
Proxy Brushes
  • Mouthwash: You will need a bad ass mouthwash! I got the Colgate Peroxyl because it helps with mouth sores. The first few weeks after your braces installation will be hell! Your mouth will be filled with cuts from your braces so you need something that will help heal your wounds as quickly as possible and this mouth wash did that for me. I also suggest you get orajel, just apply a little of the gel to wherever you have cuts and this will relief some of your pain.

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