Back to School

      If you read my blog and you are a student in the U.S I know you probably already started school, I started school about  three weeks ago. This post is basically going to be about little things I have found helpful this semester. I was out of school for two years and this semester is my first time back and it felt like my first year of college the first two weeks of school.

 Day designer planner from Walmart

Panty Liners

      I am back with girly tidbits!!!! Panty liners is the topic of discussion today, if you are the type that dislike washing your panties everyday this post is especially for you. Some of you are probably wondering "people wash their panties everyday?" yes people do wash their panties everyday. Due to cultural background everyone has a different method of taking care of their underwear, from the daily washers to the pile it up for a month before washing type of people. If you fall in these two categories or somewhere in between you can still benefit from panty liners.

Check out my photography skills :)