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      If you read my blog and you are a student in the U.S I know you probably already started school, I started school about  three weeks ago. This post is basically going to be about little things I have found helpful this semester. I was out of school for two years and this semester is my first time back and it felt like my first year of college the first two weeks of school.

 Day designer planner from Walmart
       The first thing I highly recommend  you to get is a functional planner, you will need this if your course load is heavy. My agenda book has  helped me to keep track of school and personal life, you are probably wondering what I mean by functional. Functionality is relative, what is functional to me might not be functional to someone else. Here is a quick "picture info" on what I consider a functional planner:
  • Weekday page has today's top three, this is a space to write the most important things to be done that day. There is a quote for each day, todays schedule is in hourly format  from 6am-8pm and there is a to do list space on the right. I understand that this might be a very detailed agenda book for some people but this agenda book is what is currently working for me.

  • On the bottom of each page there is a tonight and gratitude space. I use my tonight page for what I need to get done that night and my gratitude space to be thankful. I always try to find something to be thankful about everyday.
I got some cute book markers from Michale's
  • The weekend page is a little similar to the weekday page, the difference is that saturday and sunday is compiled into one page and there is no space for to do list. Another difference is that instead of having a top three list  you have a "take a time out for fun things". I love this particular feature because it encourages me to take a chill pill lol. The tonight  space is replaced with "Next Week" and gratitude space is replaced with "Don't Forget".

  • Fun Stickers!!!! I love using this foil gold stickers on my planner. I have a ton of them, some of them are quotes, some are boarders and a lot of other cute stuff was in my sticker packet. I got them from Michael's if you are interested in purchasing some for yourself.

      I got myself some cute post it from TJ Max. School can be such a drag sometimes and when this happens I need something to cheer me up and these sticky notes does just that.I mostly use my stickies for my textbooks. I also got gel pens for my agenda book, all my classes are color coded with each color and I only write with gel pen in my planner. I am a bit extra I know lol.

Good luck this semester to all the students reading this blog !


  1. The post it is so majorly cute! Ever wonder why the names are different? Tj Maxx TK Maxx???!!! They do have some really beautiful items there and one never leaves the store without something no matter how dmall or insignificant right? Hope your weekend was good and good luck with school

    1. Hey girlfriend! I did not know there were called TK Max. Is that what they are called in your part of the world? You are absolutely right!!! I never leave that store without getting something. Thank you so much! I need all the luck :)


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