Panty Liners

      I am back with girly tidbits!!!! Panty liners is the topic of discussion today, if you are the type that dislike washing your panties everyday this post is especially for you. Some of you are probably wondering "people wash their panties everyday?" yes people do wash their panties everyday. Due to cultural background everyone has a different method of taking care of their underwear, from the daily washers to the pile it up for a month before washing type of people. If you fall in these two categories or somewhere in between you can still benefit from panty liners.

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       My oldest sister showed me the goodness of panty liners 10 years ago and it is one of my favorite things she has introduced me to. Panty liners help keep your girly areas dry all day and if you are the type that get surprise monthly period, liners can definitely save you from staining embarrassment. Liners also helps with easy cleaning of your underwear, liners absorb the fluids that your body produces so nothing stains your underwear (if placed appropriately). If you are a daily washer, your wash just became ten times easier with liners; you don't have any yucky stuff to wash so your wash will go by quickly. If you wash your underwear monthly via washing machine you don't have to worry about the washing machine not hitting "targeted" areas. Above all, panty liners protects your panties, since you do not have to scrub as hard when washing your underwear the material of your panties will last longer.

Colors are LIVE!
     U kotex is my favorite brand of panty liners,  they come in such vibrant and fun designs. I also love them because they are individually wrapped and that allows for easy carriage in my purse. They also come in regular & thin, I typically go with the thin ones and on spotting days I use my regular ones if I have any available. 

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