The "Right" Glasses Frames

       Picking out the right frames is just as important as making sure you lens prescription is correct. I have worn glasses for as long as I can remember and picking out the right frames is one of my biggest challenges. I usually just go with something fun, if I have to wear glasses they might as well be interesting yeah? However, this year I stuck to good ol classy. The Lacoste pair of glasses below are my current pair and I absolutely adore them. Believe it or not it took me about two weeks to decide on my frames. Although it is a cute frame, here goes the down side.....MY FRAMES ARE HEAVY! I wear my glasses 99.5% of the time so having heavy frames is a bit annoying. I am also awake for 17 hours straight so that means wearing my glasses for at least 17 hours per day. When I initially tried my frames at the opticians office it did not feel heavy. I only noticed how heavy it was after wearing them on one of my really long days.

Lacoste pair.......Heavy Frames


      Appreciation! Appreciation!! Appreciation!!! I once read somewhere that one of mans greatest needs is the feeling of appreciation and love. I feel like millennials  are lacking when it comes to appreciating the people in their lives. We have grown very accustomed to merely texting each other; we can't even be bothered with a phone call. If your friend still calls you, hug them the next time you see them because they are winning!!!

Facial "Pet Project"

Guest Post: This is my very first guest post and I am excited and happy that my friend decide to write this post. I am glad she trusted me with her Doyin :)

        So, sometime in June, Afolake asked if I could share my acne story on her blog and I was like sureeeee thang!!!! I asked when she wanted the post to be ready by, she said anytime before the end of the year, and I told myself that it was such a long time and I was definitely going to get it ready wayyyyy before but life had other plans. It’s December and I’m just getting to it. It all started September 2014, I noticed some weird looking things on my face, they were very tiny but covered most of my forehead. I thought I was reacting to something (plus I’ve always had a fresh face) so I didn’t do anything about them and assumed they would clear..... but they didn’t.

Beginning of the struggle!

Shaving Vs. Hair Removal

          What is your poison?  Do you shave or go with a hair removal? I used to shave but I graduated and joined the hair removal crew. The very first reason I started doing removals is because I got tired of damn razor cuts. I just found it annoying that after going through all that torture of shaving, I still have to sit and nurture a cut or two. If you get annoyed by razor cuts like me removal is an option for you. There is a general belief that using removal takes a longer time. I have been using removals for at least 3 years now and I don't think it takes longer, if anything it is faster for me.