Appreciation! Appreciation!! Appreciation!!! I once read somewhere that one of mans greatest needs is the feeling of appreciation and love. I feel like millennials  are lacking when it comes to appreciating the people in their lives. We have grown very accustomed to merely texting each other; we can't even be bothered with a phone call. If your friend still calls you, hug them the next time you see them because they are winning!!!

      When someone does a favor for you, take a minute out of your day to at least call them to thank them. Don't get comfortable with just texting people. The emotions conveyed through a phone call can never be conveyed in a text message. If you have not heard from that good friend of yours in a while call them to let them know you are thinking about them. I am very guilty of texting a lot and I am working on moving away from always texting.

I got these blank notes of 10 from TJMax and I am proud to say I only have 4 left :)

       My all time favorite form of showing appreciation  would be handwritten letters. About two years ago I asked some of my co-workers for recommendation letters, after they wrote the letters I wrote them a thank you note. All three of them commented on how much they really loved that I hand wrote the note to them. They all pinned it to their desks and told me how much it makes them smile each time they look at it. There is something hand written notes does to people that a mere text message doesn't do. It makes people really happy and feel a bit extra special. I plan on writing more handwritten appreciation/ thank you notes. With all this being said, this Holiday Season don't just send people Merry Christmas and Happy New Year text. Take the time out to call the ones you love and tell them how much you appreciate them.

Merry Christmas!!!

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