Facial "Pet Project"

Guest Post: This is my very first guest post and I am excited and happy that my friend decide to write this post. I am glad she trusted me with her face......meet Doyin :)

        So, sometime in June, Afolake asked if I could share my acne story on her blog and I was like sureeeee thang!!!! I asked when she wanted the post to be ready by, she said anytime before the end of the year, and I told myself that it was such a long time and I was definitely going to get it ready wayyyyy before but life had other plans. It’s December and I’m just getting to it. It all started September 2014, I noticed some weird looking things on my face, they were very tiny but covered most of my forehead. I thought I was reacting to something (plus I’ve always had a fresh face) so I didn’t do anything about them and assumed they would clear..... but they didn’t.

Beginning of the struggle!

      When I post selfies, people would message me and suggest different regimens for my face and talk about how they also had the same ‘reactions’ on their faces. There was this time I tried a steroid-containing cream, which worked initially but I noticed I was getting lighter, I stopped the cream because I like my dark skin, #MelaninOnly #AintNobodyTrynaBleach. I eventually stopped using the damaging cream. I was getting a little worried already because the weird tiny "things" on my face won’t go away, this made me more open to people’s suggestions. I had hope that one day I would find a cure.

The struggle days

      On one random day in January 2016 Afolake  and I started talking about natural hair and hair products. I sent her a selfie that showed my edges, she told me the wigs were killing my edges especially because the wig cap isn’t silk-based. She also said I should try Aztec Clay  on my hair and stylishly hinted it would work magic on my face too. It was almost as if she knew people have been suggesting different things. We started talking about acne, I told her about my multiple failed regimens and she suggested I visit her blog to read about her daily facial regime which I did because I really wanted my fresh face back.I was ready to get my skin together! She told me about the simple products she uses. I was determined to get my hands on these awesome products. I went to a store the next day and baby girl (me) found all of the products Afolake told me about. They were relatively affordable and I was excited!!!!! I called her right away and sent photos of the products I found to her. After strategizing, we (yes, we, Afolake and I have been on the journey together) decided to start with the Simple bar soap and the kind to skin soothing facial toner. The main one she suggested was any product with oil-balancing properties but they didn’t have those. I started using the Simple products, religiously too and for the first time in a long time, I felt a change on my face.

 First few months, cheeks are clearing!

 Forehead is catching up with them cheeks....woot!

      For months, whenever I went out, I’d stop by the store and check if they got more stuff (because I don’t give up). Luckily, on one of those days, I found the oil- balancing facial scrub!!! I started using it and I noticed more improvement. I ran out of the toner and they didn’t have at the store so I started using ACV, 1 in 3 dilution with water and it worked well as a toner! Btw, ACV is a must-have guys! It has been about 6 months of using Simple’s Oil-balancing facial scrub and ACV as toner for my face, I totally love love love the results. The whole routine is a part of me now and I’m happy, my face is back and better!

My skin is almost 100% clear folks!!!!

Thank you Afolake!


  1. Amazing!!! To think I recently started using their face wash and moisturizer. I'm definitely visiting a store to stock up later today. I hope I find in Ibadan stores sha.

    1. I am surprised you just started using it even though I told you about it a while ago. Let me know how well it is working for you. My friend lives in Ibadan and she is able to get the product from some stores. I can ask her for the stores info if you like.

    2. Hey! Are you in Ibadan? Check Grandex, especially their Bodija branch, if you don't find there, check their other branch at the Palms shopping mall

  2. I actually just started using simple products (micellar, facial wash & moisturiser). Great so far. I'm still trying to find the perfect moisturiser for my skin though.

    1. hey, If you have oily skin try their oil balancing line.Their micellar water is the business!!!


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