Shaving Vs. Hair Removal

          What is your poison?  Do you shave or go with a hair removal? I used to shave but I graduated and joined the hair removal crew. The very first reason I started doing removals is because I got tired of damn razor cuts. I just found it annoying that after going through all that torture of shaving, I still have to sit and nurture a cut or two. If you get annoyed by razor cuts like me removal is an option for you. There is a general belief that using removal takes a longer time. I have been using removals for at least 3 years now and I don't think it takes longer, if anything it is faster for me.

       I usually apply my removal immediately I get to the bathroom. By the time I brush my teeth and do all the other small things I do before I  get into the shower it is time to wash the removal off. Another thing I do to make the best out of my "removal period" is apply a mask to my face. I apply the mask before I apply my removal (don't touch removal before mask) that way my mask has enough time to dry. Doing a facial mask and hair removal at the same makes me feel like I used my time wisely.

      How long it takes removal to remove your hair depends on the person. All some people need is good ol 3 minutes and a few of us need a little more than that. The max I usually go is 7 minutes and that always seem to get the job done well enough. Every now and then I have to go in with a razor for finishing touches, but overall this is still faster than shaving all the way. I use oil on my skin right after using the hair removal. This prevents my skin from getting irritated, I use the oil for at least 3 days consecutively after shaving. My girlfriends have been trying to talk me into Brazilian wax & waxing in general but I am a bit skeptical. Seeeeeee there are some certain types of pain that I don't mind and there are some pain that are just a  NO NO for me.I feel like Brazilian wax type of pain will fall in the NO NO category for me. Apparently it is supposed to hurt less the more you get it done, but that is what they told me about threading my eyebrows. Eyebrows threading still hurts like a B*%$^ till date and I have been doing it for at least 6 years.
      Anyways, my girlfriend booked a Brazilian wax session for us at the end of this month so I am going to give it a try. Pray for me people!!!!!! I am still seriously considering laser surgery but I have been lazy about my research. I just wish all this damn hair on my body will go to just my head, that way I don't have to worry about any of this.


  1. I started using creams after I developed keloid on one of my shaving sprees and I keep asking where it has been all my life. Sure the smell is nasty but so are cuts and keloids! Luckily I just need to shave the two important places which makes a tube last a long while for me. Plus they are not expensive so win win all the way!

    1. Yikes! Keloids are definitely not pretty. I am definitely glad I don't use razors anymore.

  2. Sorry if my question is tmi, but do you use hair removal creams (think veet) for your just your underarms or the nether region too? I'm TIRED of razors, waxing is a NO NO, but I worry hair removal stuffs are too much chemicals for down there. What do you think?

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